Tuesday 15 September 2015

Coupons And Online Shopping.

Did you ever get into a situation where it wasn't your fault yet you were the victim? Well it happens to me quite often and I really don't don't have a clue why. I fall in trouble without any cause and I have to always pull myself out of it. I faced the same scenario few days ago on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan a day every sister waits eagerly for and same goes for me as well. I have always made the Rakhi a special day for my brother and he does the same for me. Now since I have been married and I live far away from him we still exchange gifts and I always send him a Rakhi and Chocolate along with the gift.
I usually courier him the Rakhi and the gift from my end few days before Rakhi and it reaches him just a couple of day before the Rakhi. Things looks and sounds so uncomplicated doesn't it? The complications started this year when I got a call from my brother asking whether I have forgotten that I have a younger brother living somewhere in Pune. I was puzzled and clueless what the hell was he talking about. I for an instant thought that maybe he didn't like the gift I have sent. I said him directly that if he didn't like my gift he can tell it loud and clear to me instead of throwing riddles at me. He laughed and said that he was not taking about any gift because he did not receive my parcel and rakhi was the very next day. I was shocked again. This was new and I never came across such a problem before. I was helpless because it was impossible to send him a Rakhi and gift now.
I thought and thought and suddenly the idea bulb brighten my face. I turned my lappy on and went to Flipkart straight forward. I browsed for a Rakhi combo and there it was. I said say day delivery for just a nominal cost. I was happy. I added it to my cart and then I started looking for a gift for him. I found a good pair of jeans and a T-shirt too. I added them to cart too and was going to check out and suddenly remembered that my hubby was telling one of his friend that if anyone wants to buy something online he or she should visit 27coupons.com first because they have good discount coupons and deals for every renowned online store and thus can help the buyer to save the cost too. I opened www.27coupons.com on my browser and started browsing.
It was easier than I thought it would be. These guys at 27 coupons have designed the website so beautifully. They have segregated the deals and coupons according to categories and stores. It is easy to spot what you are looking for. I clicked on Flipkart icon and all the deals and coupons available opened on the screen. I was like a magic. I scrolled and found a deal of my use and used it up.

I ordered a Rakhi combo comprising of two Rakhis, a card, roli, chandan and a dairy milk.  I also ordered a jeans and a printed T-shirt for him. I got a discount of 35% by the help of 27coupons. com too. I selected the same day delivery option and checked the gift wrapping option before paying. I was so relieved but yet the product was still to be delivered. I was surprised that the Rakhi combo and the gift reached him in two hours and I knew this because my brother called and said that he just received two parcels from Flipkart so I should not worry about it. I was really happy now every thing was at its place.

All thanks to 27coupons. com and flipkart.com they were the real hero's and saved the big day for me. I shared this experience with my friends too that how these two sites helped me. I got a pretty dress from my bro too. He too shopped it from flipkart. I told him about 27coupons.com as well and told him the whole story. It was nothing less then a magic.
I always prefer flipkart over all other stores because they have huge collection of products and 27 coupons always helped me to get good deals and offers from them.
Witness this magic yourself just visit 27coupons.com before opening any online store and you will be happy to save and will be pampered by their deals.   

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