Sunday 6 September 2015

Happy Rakhi !

Blessed are those who have a sibling to play with, to share their deepest secret, to have a partner in crime and to have a shoulder to cry on when needed. Harassing and torturing your sibling is the world’s biggest happiness. One can understand what I am talking about if one has a sibling and if he or she is younger to them or even if they share a marginal age difference. I am blessed to have a younger brother and he is the cutest and the best brother one can have and yet he faces the torture that I put him through.
There are so many beautiful moments that we have shared. The love and bonding kept on growing and it even keeps refreshing today. I would like to share such a moment from my life where I literally pissed of my brother but later made it up for that.
It was the monsoon season the best one I like. Monsoon brings back life with it. It blows life to everything it touches and the best part Raksha Bandhan falls in that month too. I used to wait for it eagerly and why should not I have? I mean who doesn't gets tempted with all those sweets, chocolates and gifts? So on one such Raksha Bandhad I thought of tricking my brother and made a plan for it.
My brother used to buy bunch of gifts and chocolates for the day of rakhi and by bunch I mean around dozens. He used to gift half of them to me as I was his only sister and rest was for cousins and friends. I always knew where he used to hide his stuffs and he lived with a false believe that no one knew about it. So that rakhi I pretend as usual that I had no Idea where his stuffs were. That night after he was asleep I sneaked in to his room and took all his stuffs. There were so many chocolates and gifts I was happy that he loved me so much that he cared to buy things for me and at the same time I did feel bad for a moment for what I was doing. I kept all the thoughts aside and moved ahead with my plan and moved away all his stuffs.
The very next morning that was the Rakhi day I was all dressed up and ready to tie the rakhi on his hand and I completely pretended that nothing has happened. I put on the tilak, did aarti and tied the rakhi on his hand and then the last but not the least spread my hand for my gift. My brother knew what he was supposed to do and thus he ran to his room to fetch the gift. It was more than 15 minutes that he went to bring out my gift but he was not back yet. I waited for 5 more minutes and then went after him just to find out what he was doing although I knew what was going on. I stood there at his door with a notorious smile on my lips watching him turning his room upside down for his stuffs. In next 45 minutes his room was a mess and yet he kept looking for the gifts at the same places again and again in a loop but at last he gave up. He came to me and asked sorry. I suddenly realized that he was sad and unhappy by now and thus I rushed to my room and brought back his stuffs. I looked at him and asked him whether he was looking for these things?

My brother stood there with a mixed expression of happiness and anger but he did not say anything and took the bags from my hands. I told him that I found then in the car and he might have left them their while coming home. He was relaxed and calm now. The very next moment he pulled out a box from his bag and handed over to me and to my surprise it was a brand new rolex watch shinning like a star on a cloudy sky. I took out the watch and hugged him and said him sorry. He hugged me back and gave me few temptation boxes and left.

It was an amazing rakhi, not only we enjoyed it but we remember it still and will keep it close to us for the rest of our life. He has been a great brother and a great friend. I wait for rakhi still today and love to cherish it with my brother all I want to say is “Bhai mere Rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana”.
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