Monday 28 September 2015

Websites And App In Our Day to Day Life.

We prepare ourselves from the very beginning of our life and move continuously towards our goal. We all set a vivid image of our future right from our school days. We decide and work for our dreams and by the time we are on the verge of finishing our schooling this vivid image is all very clear and we see the target of our life for a good career.
The chase of this dream begins with the search of a good college. We all look for a good college according to our field of interest or our needs but it is too hard to know and find out about each and every good college and thus we sometimes land at wrong place in lack of knowledge.
Here I am with a solution to all your problems. No I am not a guide or a college Wikipedia but I definitely know someone who is. It is a web portal popularly known as At collegeduniya  you can find out each and everything about any and all colleges that offer good institution. collegeduniya has been put up to avoid all the hustle that we face when we are looking for a college or when we are confused and don't know where to go and what to do.
These guys at collegeduniya have a very friendly user interface. All the colleges of different category are separately arranged according to the different fields available like agriculture, commerce, design and etc. They also have a separate tab for best universities. It is too easy to search and locate a college and get information according to their stream at collegeduniya.
Collegedunia has a special category and in this category one can find the medical colleges online too. One can find a huge list of medical colleges that are basically from Rajasthan. Rajasthan adds a great value to the medical institutions and they have a handful of good medical colleges like NIMS University Jaipur, Government Medical College Kota, Jodhpur National University Jodhpur and etc. Collegeduniya offers full details about these colleges and universities. It has all the important information about the college and University at hand like where the colleges are located and what are the courses that they offer and also sometimes they have the estimated expenditure mentioned with the courses being offered along with the duration of the course. It has also arranged the medical colleges of Rajasthan according to their ranking. They have detailed information of the colleges too like the address, phone number, point to contact, Principle, courses with duration and etc. In short now one can find a bunch of good and reputed medical colleges in Rajasthan with all the needed information at a single place and at a single click of mouse.
Talking about medical college suddenly I remembered of an application that more or less belongs from the same field. I am talking here about Practo. Practo is an app designed basically to find out doctors around you. Using this app one can get all the information about the doctors of that place. Just realize that you have shifted to a new place and suddenly you or someone close to you fall sick and you don’t have an idea where to go and what to do. This app helps you locate the doctors of that city or any city you search for. You can get all the required information directly from the app like the working hour of the doctor, his clinic address, phone number and the amount he charges.
Practo helps you to pre book your seat or get a number on the app itself without visiting the doctor thus saves your time and money too. This application is free to download from the play store.

Men has not only reached to Mars or the Moon but he has found a safer and an easier way for his work to be done in a well organized manner consuming less time and saving some money. Websites like and applications like Practo are the live example of it. If you are looking for a medical college now you know where to begin your search from and if you need a doctor just use the app and you are done.  


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