Saturday 19 July 2014

Its Black and I Love it

I will Stop Wearing Black when Scientists invent a darker Color. Black has always been an elegant color, it is the most complete color in the world and is made up of all the colors in the palette. Yes I love the color Black and in my believe this is the color which can turn every women and girl beautiful. I have always wanted to have a set of things which were just black a short of wish list if you may say that has been haunting my mind since a long time ago. So on this given opportunity here I would like to point out the five most desirable black things I want.

A Black Diamond
Yeah you heard me right. Like couples are made up somewhere in the heaven every girl has been gifted with a desire of a diamond from the heaven. White diamonds are something which is easy to find but black diamonds are really rare and expensive. I wish to have a full set of jewelries of black diamond comprising of necklace, earrings, bracelet and a beautiful black diamond studded bindi. I know I didn’t ask for more and I would be happy and satisfied to posses them.
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A Black Saree
No jewelry is complete until and unless you have a fantabulous dress to go with it. And I desire of a black fully worked saree from the best designer Mr. Manish Malhotra. I just love his wardrobe collection. So just a single black saree from his collection will add an extra ting to my black diamond jewelries.
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A Black Gucci Purse
You are a woman and you are all dressed up in black saree with black diamond set but you don’t have a black purse to accompany your looks, it ain’t gonna work in any case. So a black Gucci purse is what you need to escalate your vibrant looks. Thus a black Gucci purse is what I would like to posses next to complete my looks.
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A perfect Black furnished room
I know it sound completely out of the league but yes a perfect black furnished room stands next in my black list. A room with black furniture in it. Starting from the bed, wardrobe, study table, stands and dressing table everything should be black in color. It feels so royal and elegant to have such a room. The windowpane should be black too and the room should be painted in white with a black border to complement my black furnished room.
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A Black Ferrari
Don’t be surprised again, I know I sound insane but yes the last but not the least on the list of five black things Ferrari stand on the fifth place. In clear words a Black convertible Ferrari is what I wish for. All my sarre, jewelry and Gucci purse would be in vane if I don’t have a nice ride to show off my choice of other black items. And a long ride in that Ferrari with Mr. Hubby would pay a tribute to all other black items I have possessed.
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The list has not been a neat and tidy one but it’s the list of Black items I wish to possess for myself and I really would dream of having these items with me someday. If you are not sure which is the color you are looking for hear your heart and it would say “Give me BLACK”.
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