Friday 25 July 2014

Why Good Clothing is Important for Men in Professional World

You are always going to be treated the way you leave your first impression on someone. Said by many experienced and is also true in its context. However, it’s your clothes that add a lot to your first impression; a man is judged by his clothes and its first impression lasts way too long. It may be possible that your office may have a business-professional dress code; even if it doesn’t have one you should be dressed up to it. From top businessmen to employees every professional always wears a professional outfit; and those who don’t become a laughing stock.

Here are some tips for men on how to dress professionally:

1. Always wear a well ironed outfit. A tailored suit is a must for both men and women and adds really good charm if you carry it well.

2. Opt for darker colors especially navy blue and woolen grays; avoid pastel colors such as yellow and orange, green is a strict no-no for men in professional environment.

3. Always dress upwards i.e. from shoe to collar. Match your colors properly; for example don’t wear white socks on black shoes.

4. Groom both your bottoms and tops - as important are the shoes as are the hairs. Cut your hair properly and carry a decent hairstyle; facial hair should be taken proper care.

5. Use mild cologne; your cologne should not give others a kick in the head. Don’t hesitate in spending extra money on cologne; they are a part of your outfit.

6. Be hygienic; take a shower, cut your nails properly and carry a neat handkerchief. Sprinkle few sprays of cologne on the handkerchief too.

Given, above is just a small list of professional clothing, else it’s a very wide thing. Just stick to the basics, don’t go for fashionable outfits, they are a strict no-no. Don’t mix fashion with style; wearing a three piece tailored suite is style, whereas wearing a t-shirt under a coat is fashion.

Importance of professional clothing:

It can be really harmful to you when your client enters your office dressed in a suit and you’re greeting him in casuals; it shows incompetency and immaturity. Your dressing shows your professionalism and your seriousness towards work. A hygienic and aromatic person has a good impression on others viz. an untidy person.
A man should dress like a man and not like a boy; makes a big difference professionally.
However the difference is not much and a very thin line can be drawn when it comes to calling a dressing manly or boyish. Choice of colors is a big thing and so chooses your colors wisely. The bright pastel colors make you look pretty immature. The more mature you present yourself the better impression you impose in front of others.

Whenever somebody first meets you, they analyze you from top to bottom; any glitch in your clothing noticed by them can make you feel nervous. Try to dress as complete as possible; don’t leave any possibilities of blanks. Carry proper matching accessories too. You can’t carry sports watch with a suit; it should be a complete professional bracelet watch. It shows that you are a time bound person. Follow professional dressing rules and create good impression and persona. 

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