Thursday 10 July 2014

No ‘A’, No ‘B’ only ASKME…!!!

Hello friends

No ‘A’, No ‘B’ only ASKME…!!!

Well sorry don’t be confused by the title, it’s not me I am talking about. It’s a All-in-one new application actually Baap of all the applications “ASKME.” If you are new to a city and don’t have any idea where to hang out “ASKME” is certainly the thing you are missing in your life.

ASKME one of the latest app in the android market is considered as the baap of all the apps because it has all the information about anything and everything of a city. It allows you to search merchants and listings, classified ads, best deals, buy instantly and to your surprise it’s all for free. This free app can be used to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play. You can also read reviews about the product and services you have been looking for and these information and reviews come from the local neighborhood and the active communities of the locality so you can be sure about the service or place you have chosen. It is a fantabulous app and in short “ASKME” is a Wikipedia of a particular city or town you are in the mood of exploring. It does not only carry information of the places but also can help you book an appointment at places you want. It also keeps you up to date with the best deals and offers available in the particular city. Thus acting as a guide for you.

The key Features of the application.
·         The app has been very precisely arranged into various categories and sub categories.
·         Easy to lookup what one is looking for.
·         Helps in searching business in the nearby location.
·         Keeps you update with the deals and offers that is being given in the city.
·         The apps covers a latest classified on mobile, jobs, cars, real estate and more.
·         It allows you to rate, add your own review points, photos and tips for your favorite businesses.
·         Read the reviews of all kind of businesses those are doing good and those which are not doing so good in the city so that you know where to go and where not to.
·         It also allows you to share your interest and your favorite spots with your friends via mails and messages.
·         It has a huge directory of address and phone or mobile numbers of all the local businesses in the locality and the ASKME app gives you the liberty to call the directly from the app itself.
·          It also has additional business information such as opening and closing time, payment methods, ratting of the establishments thus making your choice easier.
·         Unlike other services you do not need to pay any extra charge to gather the information, all you need is a working data plan and you are good to go.
·         Every information you need to know about a new unknown place is brought up to your palm.

So what are you waiting for just go to the Google Play and type “ASKME” and download the app. So the very next time you are out alone at a new place you don’t have to worry about a thing because ASKME hain na. I have this app and its very much useful to me. I am in love with the app and so will you


  1. Prerana... this sounds like a great app... I will have to download it and check it out :)

  2. The advertisements for ASK.ME on television are funny!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Following you back!

  3. I never heard of thos website interesting thanks.


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