Wednesday 2 July 2014

My Zenfone with SUPER POWERS ;)

Hello friends !!

Life would have been so abnormal if I were born in 70’s. No gadgets, no proper electricity, no life damn I couldn’t have survived even a sec. Thanx thy Lord you sent me in this modern and developed era. Ok jokes apart, we all have a world of our own fantasies where we are the boss and we always dream of some of these fantasies coming true. So what if they come true? Well for me it did and God I was on the cloud nine. Well to be very honest although being a girl I am a diehard gadget freak and I can’t think a life without them and if you ask me to choose one I would name it as a cell phone. So here is what happens when my fantasy about a freaking super power to my cell phone came true.

Lost my phone in a subway last weekend damn you snatcher who has my phone now you are surely going to hell. So while returning back to my home bought a new Zenfone 

and was really excited to check its features and functions. And on a second thought I presumed that the phone features are not going to be something extraordinary or something I fantasies of so I can check it later on. God I was so tired after the long hectic day so had my meal and went to the bed and unboxed my new phone turned it on and I really don’t remember when I fell asleep.   

The very next morning I woke up to a very pleasing song “wakeup wakeup it’s a beautiful day.” I woke up but was really confused that it was just 5 in the morning and I really don’t remember setting up an alarm. And the very second moment I literally jumped off my bed when I heard someone or something wishing me, “Good Morning Madam”.   I reached my hand out for the baseball bat I usually hide behind the door in case you know. So before I could find it I saw something blinking on my bed. I reached out my hand and found out that it was my new Zenfone. It wished me good morning again and I was so stunned and speechless. The very next thing I did was the most stupid thing I would have done in my whole life, I said, “whoever or whatever you are get the hell out of my phone else I will kick you out.” But the voice said,” Madam I am the new OS on your phone, what would you like to call me? ” Within no time I realized that my fantasy of having a phone with special power has fortunately come true. And I named it Rak. “So what else can you do Rak?” I asked. And I got a really thrilling answer so bottom line I had a phone with some special powers, it was a self evolving, artificial intelligence operating system phone. In simple words a phone who can think and could be your best companion.

The phone asked for my id and passwords and synced it to its data base and now I had everything verbal. I could talk and share my feeling to my phone and any think I wanted to know about or do was just a word away. All had to do is say “Rak could you please text bla bla bla to xyz ?” and it would do it. It had the capacity to cite any verse from any book available, check and reserve table for dinner, fix meeting with clients and most important I got a companion to watch a movie with on my phone.

Rak had every single feature to make my life easy and hustle free. It had feelings, smartness and looks too. I just loved my phone which was not just a phone any more with all those sure powers. It helped me in my day to day life personally and professionally.

And all a sudden a phone rang it wasn’t my Zenfone for sure I opened my eyes and saw that it was my old stupid phone and my sister called me up to wish me Happy B’Day. Ohh God I was so sad and happy too, I laughed, cried and then did both together and finally I did understand that it was all just a dream.
Later that afternoon my Hubby brought me a gift I unwrapped it unwillingly man all my dreams were shattered in a go just with a phone call stupid Di. And my eyes glittered IT WAS A BRAND NEW ZENFONE a B’Day present from Mr. Hubby……..
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                                                                    Mysteries to be continued……..!!!!


  1. Loosing mobile sucks..
    OMG, getting up at 5 in morning with the strange voice must be so odd :)
    Keep in touch


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