Saturday 29 November 2014

Let's Rise our voice because Ab Montu Bolega.

India is a land of diversity. We witness people from different culture and religion living together in peace and harmony. But this peace and harmony seems to fade away. And what is the reason behind that? It is none other than our own country men’s. People in the name of politics have stated destroying our motherland. And somewhere or the other we the citizens’ of India are also responsible for this destruction.  The biggest problem with us is that we think it is not our own concern and we don’t speak. So directly or indirectly we are the one who is responsible for the tragedies our country is facing today. We need to look into these issues and should handle them very seriously or in other words it is time now to raise our voice and let the respective people hear what we have to say.

To raise such awareness in India Strepsils has started campaign #AbMontuBolega. This campaign has been started with the motive to raise our voices for our country and make the politicians aware that we are concerned for our motherland for more details visit or you can visit the facebook page and tweet your comments on Twitter at  In this campaign Montu is not a person but it is us the citizen of this country. We see corruption, dirt and garbage everywhere but do not bother to clean them or raise our voice for them so that those issues can be addressed. And our silence has been judged wrong by the people in powers. The water has already ready crossed the danger line and is rising at a very rapid pace.

So it is the right time to raise our voices and make ourselves heard. We should make the politicians aware that we are not just a bunch of illiterate people who just know to cast votes for them but we have a brain and a powerful voice which should be heard and will be heard. Let us raise our voice for the corruption in our country, for the wrongs being done, for the very penny not well spent or being stolen.  Our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi has raised his voice for us and has asked us to make a Swach Bharat. And this Swach Bharat doesn’t mean India free of dirt and garbage. It means our nation free of all corruptions and a safe place for our sister and daughters to live in. #AbMontuBolega it is time for Montu to come forward and raise the voice to bring a change. A change which our country is so desperately in need of which shall lead to its development. A nation where we are all equal and have our share of life.

Let us support Strepsils and be a Montu because the fate of our country is in our hands and we the one to decide whether or not to help it rise up and shine. It is the time lets raise our voice because #AbMontuBolega.



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