Tuesday 18 November 2014

The touch of love :)

This is a story of 2 peoples – Rakesh and Prerana .
Rakesh and Prerana both were childhood buddies, they used to go to the same school and later on they got admission in the same college. Prerana was a very simple and friendly girl whereas Rakesh was a very notorious one. During school time they both were best friends but gradually during the college days they realized that they cant stay even a single day without talking to each other and both of them felt in love with each other.
Both of them were deeply madly and passionately in love with each other, they used to do everything together like studying,eating,bunking,watching movies, and all. They were unseperable, their friends used to say that their relationship is like “fevicol ka jod”.
After college both of them got married with the blessings of their parents.  On their first night, they both holded their hands for the whole night and just went on talking till the morning , it was the feeling which they both can never forget in whole of their life. With God’s blessing after 2 years of marriage Prerana gave birth to a healthy , cute , and lovely baby girl just like her. They both felt that their life is so Complete now.
But after few months Rakesh got so much involved in his work and on the other side Prerana with her baby that they forgot to give time and love to each other which resulted into tensions and fights between them. Then Prerana began to think that whats missing in their life ? And she realized it was the touch of Love. She thought of #BringBackTheTouch in their relationship again. And she got the idea from this #BringBackTheTouch video –

So on their 3rd Marriage Anniversary night she decorated her room with candles and roses,and got herself ready as a new bride once again. As soon as rakesh came home from office and went to his room he was fully surprised to see all this and thought that Prerana went mad, but them  Prerana called him and asked him to hold her hands and played their marriage video, rakesh remembered their first night which was full of Love and passion.And he realized what actually was missing since last few months in their relationship.  It was their moment of #BringBackTheTouch .
All thanx to  http://www.pblskin.com/ #BringBackTheTouch
Parachute has rekindled love in many lives of lovely couples :)


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