Monday 24 November 2014

Lucky 6, Win Big.

Hello friends here i am today to introduce you to a new game "Lucky 6" by "Fat Cat". 
Fat Cat is a company which is here to serve it’s costumers with Innovative and exciting games. The company has launched a game called LUCKEY 6. It is a unique game which makes u win cash and much more, players can challenge their friends and can win even more big prizes. Players can even win a holiday tour package. So it time for the people to download the FAT CAT application which is available in the market for Android & IOS platform. User can download Fat Cat Software as well as the LUCKY 6 game from the link “ “. Being in touch with the Fat cat Company has always been easy for the user as the company has link to all social networking sites (Face book, Google, Twitter, and Google+ etc.  ) for more information you can visit the website

It is very simple to install Fat Cat Software on the cell phone. One just has to follow these steps

  • Then Install Fact Cat Software on your phone.


  • After the installation is done  Fill In the details.
  • Once the registration is done a message will be displayed on the screen.

After the registration is done, the game is ready for playing. User can make three tickets, each ticket consist of six brands (e.g. BMW, IDEA, ASIAN PAINT etc). The brands which are listed are much known to us so there is nothing to worry about it. Once you are done choosing the brand you can confirm your ticket. User can see their ticket by clicking on the upper most left side switch panel of the FAT CAT app. In which they can find the ticket they have made. Wednesday is the game day when the winner is announced. Players who  have chosen brands which ends up with high stock value in the share market scores big points and the person holding the highest score wins a jackpot of 25 lack Rupees. Not only this if the winning person is referred by a friend, the person who has referred also wins a 25 % of the winning amount. It is a game which comes for free but it can make u win big money and even more than that you can win holiday trips only by playing this game. Previously games were played only for entertainment but FAT CAT “LUCKY 6 “is now here to change the concept play game and win big.

Winning big was never this easy. Play LUCKY 6 and select your brand finalize your ticket and just be lucky to win cash or holiday tour package. Challenge your friend and earn more with having even more fun. It is crowd funding and all you have to do is to install the application and start playing Lucky 6. The more you play the more you win. The more you challenge your friend heavier the amount becomes. So it’s time to Play FAT CAT LUCKY 6 and get lucky by winning cash or holiday tour package. KEEP PLAYING AND KEEP WINNING.


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