Friday 28 November 2014

Shave Saved A Day

Hello Friends

People often say life is all about Luck. May be they are not wrong or maybe they are not completely right too. Well it’s a case of agree to disagree for me. As per my views I won’t say that luck has no role to play in our life but yes there is something far more important than luck and that is your hard work and your passion for the work you are doing. And this passion includes of a very small yet key ingredient which leads to success. Yes I am talking about “Grooming”. Your first look says all about you. And this first look helps you steal great deals sometimes but for that you need to be well groomed or in other words nicely shaved and tidy. You may find it all nonsense what I am talking so let me narrate my Hubby’s real life story behind grooming.
My hubby is an hotelier. He has worked in the hotel industry for last five years and he always says that if a person is not well groomed he is not an hotelier. I asked him once that why he keeps saying people the same thing again and again.  And he narrated me this story. He was almost done with his graduation and Hotels and Resorts from all round India started visiting his college for the campus placement. Being one of the topper of his university he was so over confident that he thought he may crack any campus he sits in. Thus he sat for the first campus and unfortunately due to lack of time didn’t shave. And he was thrown out of the Group Discussion round itself. He was not even given a chance to speak about the topic. And since that moment he never missed an opportunity to shave. He came back to the college for the next campus well shaved and groomed and sat for an Interview for an international brand and was selected due to his full marks in all the criteria and he was the only candidate who was shortlisted for a VISA interview for USA. He says his well shaved face did all the wonders for him and took him to places like USA, Bangkok, Malaysia, UAE and Singapore for his job. And thus he keeps people saying to be in perfect groomed state and to be clean shaved always.

I have seen people getting inspired by him and they do shave daily. According to my hubby shaving has become an essential element of his life and he can’t go a day without shaving. So guys if you want to look perfect and want to be all fit and ready for your goal be groomed be shaved.

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