Thursday 29 January 2015

Fight Pimples With Garnier

Mera tujhse hai pehle ka naata koi. That is what pimples keep singing to me. While I was young Mumma used to say that these pimples are the sign that I was saying bye to ma childhood and was entering the adulthood. But Gosh I was unaware that this sign of adulthood was going to cost me a lot. I would have never grownup if I had known that these pimples were waiting for me. Mai toh kisi ko muh dikhane k kabil hin nai rehgai. These pimples are the biggest enemy that a girl can have. A small round bump on the smooth face is all it takes to destroy your happiness. And guess what these pimples have so perfect timing that they occur just a day before some good occasion or ceremony that you need to attend. I don't know about others but this is what I face every time. Men I am tired of it.

The biggest problems with the pimples is that there is not much one can do for it. As for me I tried everything right from the multani mitti to branded face packs. But at the end of the day non of them made a big difference. I had to bunk classes, miss parties, say no to movies and always was left out due to pimples. It wasn't that my friends had a problem with it but I didn't had the strength to show my face which was all covered up with pimples.

Although winters were good time but summer was the biggest enemy. More I sweat more my skin became oily and more i had to face the pimple problem. Have covered my face with hairs, wore scarf in summers, used umbrella pointlessly and wrap my face with clothes when needed to over come pimple. And then one day something happened to me. And it was end of all my worries and problems. And this something was Garnier Active Pure Neem Face Wash. Yup you heard me right.

And I know few of us may thing really that Garnier product which has been within the system so long could be a Bramhastra for the pimples and we didn't know. Yes it surely is and i am sharing this with my own experience. It was last November when I had to attend my cousin's wedding and I was doomed again with a few pimples on my cheek and nose. I had almost made my mind to avoid the ceremony but then my sister in law advised me to use the Garnier Pure active neem face wash. And I did use it that night before sleeping and the next morning I was bouncing against the walls because all my pimples were almost dead and I used it twice continuously for next few days and tadda all the pimples had to say tata bye bye to me.
I did attend the wedding and got complimented for my stunning looks. Hell ya that was a hell of a night and ever since I am worry free about pimples. I still use it, a drop twice daily and no more pimples. It may sound like a fairy tale but believe me all it takes is a tube of Garnier pure active neem face wash and you are good to go.

So say Hasta la Vista to the pimples and join the Garnier team today and Take Care.

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