Thursday 29 January 2015

Life is too short to wait for the second chance

We live, we eat, we love, we dream, we laugh, we cry and at the end we die. Doesn’t the life have a pattern of its own? Everything has its timing and falls into places when the right time arrives? Maybe it does. But there is something which more or less follows the pattern we design for them. Sometimes these pattern work and sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t work for us we put those work on a waiting list, waiting for the right opportunity to strike our door so that we can grab it with our both hands and fulfils our dreams. In simpler words we wait for the life to give us a second chance to live and fulfill our dreams. But the biggest question is that what if the life is not in mood of providing us with a second chance to live that particular moment that we wanted to live, that we have dreamt of? It is just a matter of fact that life does not always present us with a second chance, so why to put our dreams aside and wait for the second chance to live them? Why not now? Why later? Why to wait for the future which is unknown.  Maybe you don’t get a second chance at all.
The story goes same for me as well. I have a lot of dreams that I want to live but because of some reasons or others those dreams have been put aside and I am too waiting for the life to present me with a second chance.  But given an opportunity there are few things on the waiting list that I would love to do now, right now without waiting for the second chance. And some of those things are scribbled down here which I want to do.
The first thing which comes to my mind is a trip to Vail Mountains, Colorado, USA, with my Family. This family trip has been on my mind since a long long time. The trip has been planned and canceled so many times that I have even forgotten the exact count. Vail being a cold place and a job spot of my hubby is the most desirable place of visit for the family but lack of long holidays has always put this on the waiting list.

Diamonds, Diamonds and diamonds. The second thing on my list. It is always a good tuning between a diamond and a woman. No one knows these stones well than a woman. They share an eternal bond between them and this bond is hard to understand. I too share the same passion and bond for the stone but I have always wanted to have a full caret diamond set in my wardrobe. This has been on my list since I was 16. But there are a lot of things that stands between us and this dream of mine shatters itself always.   

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The list is a bit long but I would like to put forward one last thing from it and that would be a meet the Big B. Yes you got it is Mr. Amitab Bachchan. I am a die had fan of Mr. Bachchan, have grown up watching his hits and always had a dream of meeting this legend. I know this dream is way too big and has no guarantee to be fulfilled but yet if I get an opportunity I would love to meet Mr. Bachchan and shake hand with him saying that I am his die hard fan and always will be.    
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Well these were some among the things that I have been waiting for the life to give a second chance for but have not done yet because of some reasons but would love to do them without waiting for that chance. You never know this could be the last breath of your life.
  “Life is too short for waiting for a second chance why not live it all at once and forever?”  

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  1. Prerana... sometimes you have to put the work in to make that second chance happen... that is what I am doing now... I hope you get that trip... have a great weekend xox


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