Saturday 24 January 2015

Get Closer With CloseUp This Valentine :)

“When I met you, my heart skipped a beat. The Sun became the Moon & cold turned into heat. Roses weren't Red, Violets weren't blue. All because I fell in love with you.”

Isn't it the best feeling to love and to be loved by someone? Well for me it is. All the love and care that is involved in this process makes these feelings a special one. Love is a wonderful feeling, a remedy to all the diseases and a disease with no remedy. It is all about how you feel it and how it comes to you.
Looking back into my past if you ask me what love is? The only answer that I can give is that, Love is watching my crush smiling back at me on the bus stand, or watching him play badminton beside my apartment, or waiting for him to return back from the classes so that I could have a glimpse of him“. That is how I define love. The love which is kindled in my heart at it is yet to reach his although I know from my sources that this super cute and smart guy is single and he likes me too but the main problem is that he has not approached me yet. I spend half of my day thinking of a way that I could kindle this fire in his heart too, and this valentine I am completely ready to propose my crush and ask him out for a date and  I am going to do it in my own bolder style.
Now that I know that he likes me this is going to be easier for me. I mean the chances of rejection are low and the percentage of success is really high. All I need to do is execute my plan perfectly. It is a little weird for a girl to propose a guy but what is to be done has to be done.
The guy is much into movies and games so I would like to ask him out in some fancy manner. And the best idea I have come across is that on this weekend I am going to be all dressed up in his favourite actress costume the black widow which is Scarlet Johansson from the movie Iron man 2 and wait for him outside his tuition classes. On the weekends his classes are during the afternoon and thus I have a good opportunity to catch hold of him in front of his friends. Also I have been practising few of the super women stunts performed by the black widow in the movie so that I approach him in an action and then say him that, “Hi I am The Black Widow, and I am love with you truly, madly and deeply, Would you like to take me on a date this valentine?” and I am quite sure that he is not going to say a no to me. Also I will certainly ask a friend of mine to accompany me dressed up the Hawk Eye which is Jeremy Renner from the movie Avengers so that the chances of getting a no as an answer get negligible.
Jokes apart I certainly know that he is not going to reject my proposal although he will be surprised by my bolder move of asking him out in front of all his mates. And to be very frank this idea came to my mind after watching the new advertisement by the Dare game proposed by the toothpaste brand Close up “Get closer this Valentine’s. We dare you”. All thanks to the team for such a motivating game and advertisement. For more details check the website here

As for me I am all set now and in the present I am married to my Love, my Crush, my hubby Rakesh, our cupid struck 4 years ago and we are together now tied in the nodes of love. But given such an opportunity I would really love to propose him the way I have thought and that would be fun plus it will be a yes always.   

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