Friday 30 January 2015

The Story Of My AND

A recent study shows that female brain uses both its hemisphere to think and analyze for anything. Where as men do not bother too much and use only half of the brain and end up making wrong decisions many a times. If you are smart you should be understanding where is this going. In fact God has created men and women differently but he has neither put an "Or" for females and nor did he put an "And" for males but it has been a complete misunderstanding that women brain  is not eligible to process and act as quick as men brain. And there comes the limitations which people put on female gender. And these limitations are nothing more than a superstition that we are in habit of living with.

We may have reached to the moon or the mars but there has been no growth in our wisdom. We still live the old way where females are forced to live by an or and not by an and. They are not given the equal rights to live freely doing whatever they want whenever they want. But why should we listen to anyone and do what they say instead of doing something what we want to do. It is time to put an end to all the or's we have been listening to and bring forward our ands.

I have fought for my and and today here I am to share my story of a journey from or to an and. I was in the middle of my high school and was doing good in my studies. High school is the time when a student is at the verge of choosing his/her life and career ahead. And so was I. I was always fascinated by the glamour world and wanted to be a part of it. No I never wished to be on the TV but wanted to do something associated with it. But there was a problem and this problem had a name and it was Mr. Pathak. My arts professor. He was a brilliant guy a gild medalist in economics and had his peculiar ways of teaching. I always respected him as a teacher and as a person but I was wrong. He was a good teacher but not a good man. And the reason I say this is that he had a problem with my career choice.

It was the end of my college and I was pretty unsure what to study next. I was interested in fashion and glamorous world like I told but Pathak sir wanted me to peruse my career in arts. I told him clearly that I was more interested in fashion than arts and I may make a career in the fashion world. But he wasn't happy with my decision at all and he did council me many a times to concentrate on only economics. And the reason he always had ready was that being a girl I can't manage my career and my passion both at the same time. He asked me to chose one from economics and my passion for the fashion world. It was the moment when I decided to live for an and instead of an or. I told Pathak sir that I will surely pursue a career in Economics but I will also live my dream. Just because I was a girl I won't take an Or in my life but instead I will go for an And. And to my teacher's surprise I completed my Honers in Economics and I am a successful fashion Blogger too. 

I was determined to fulfill my passion along with my career and I did it at the end. Mr. Pathak was proud and understood that in this modern era girls are not ready to be tied up with the label of Or. They can be anything they want and do anything they like because they have left living by or and started to live by And.
I tried and succeeded to live by my and . And this is what all of us need to do. Stand and fight for your And.

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