Thursday 7 May 2015

Ek Naya League is here

#Eknayileague has become the latest sensation by Kapil paji and everyone has been talking about it. Nevertheless the #Eknayileague has been the greatest mystery of the era and no one has a clue what it is all about and when I say no one it means not even the industywalas have a clue on it. In plain and simple words it is going to be a hell of a googly coming this way. Mr. Kapil Dev is the former batsman cum bowler cum captain of India who has been the master class player of his era and also have brought the first International Cricket world cup home for India is the master mind behind this league and his videos release has increased the curiosity of the people. He has released few videos where one can find him challenging the celebrities to play this #Eknayileague and his words very clearly emphasize that this league is going to be tough one and it would not be easy to play it. He very clearly mentions that if someone plays it using his or her heart it is the game which is going to win and the player would be unfortunately standing on the loosing end. So it is very much clear that one needs his brains to play and win the game.
Do you have any idea what this nayi league is about? Hmm, seems we are on the same boat and if I pull a wild guess about this league I think it would be some short of Quiz game or some brain twister. It can also be something related to sport and I have guessed it because Mr. Kapil Dev is going to host this ek nayi league and he has been challenging the celebrities openly that if they are going to use their hearts and play the nayi league by their hearts they are definitely going to lose. So it is going to be a big brain booster and brain storming and whatever it is it is going to entertain us to the max.

If asked for my take on this Ek nayi league by Mr. Kapil Dev I would say that Paji is all set to rock and roll this new league and he is also ready to clean bowled some of his mates and some well known celebrities. His enthusiasm and tone clearly depicts that celebrities should be rather be ready to play and win this ek nayi league or else they are going to be stunned at the league. Well my curiosity has reached the sky and I am dying to know that what is cooking inside and what is this ek nayi league all about. It is certainly going to be something out of the box and interesting but none of us are sure as of now as none of us know nothing about it all we can do and we are doing is waiting for this nayi league to arrive and then we can see what it is all about.

Ek Nayi league has many hidden treasures in its chest and nevertheless whatever it is it is going to entertain us whoever wins or whoever looses we are going to enjoy it for sure. To know more visit the site

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