Friday 15 May 2015

The Airtel App

When Graham Bell discovered the telephone he must not  be having the slightest idea that Mr. Martin Cooper would be turning his invention into something so handy. Yes I am talking about cell phones. An invention which changed our worlds completely turning it upside down and shrinking it to such an extent that it fits the palm of our hand. We have read it so many times that necessity is the mother of invention and so it was in the case of cell phones. The wired table phone led the way for the cordless models of the phone which later own engraved the path for the cell phones. 
The cell phones were built for receiving and making calls wirelessly and thus they needed to have a carrier which was introduced by Mr. Roland Moreno. This carrier was inserted into the cell phones in form of sim cards. These sim cards were the heart of the cell phones. 
These sims were then divided to different companies like BSNL, Reliance, Airtel , Aircel, Tata Docomo and etc. BSNL was the first one to introduce sim cards in India and was followed by other brands.
Today we have so many mobile networking presently running in India and most probably more than in any other nation. Users are free to choose the carrier of their own wish and this freedom to the users has created a big competition in the market for the mobile network carriers. Among these network carrier lies a carrier popularly known as Airtel which is the leading mobile network carrier in India. 

These guys at Airtel has always understood the Indian market segment so well and have always been implementing things to keep their place safe and secure at the top of the mobile networking market and no doubt they are one among the all the best mobile network provider in India.
Airtel has launched a new app  known as the Airtel app which has been designed to provide extra help, services and facilities to the customers. In my opinion each and every feature of this app is fabulous and has been designed  to help the Customers in saving their time and energy. If asked to pin point few favourite and best facilities I would say that the account information like name of the sim card holder and balance available for calling and mobile data are just awesome and are so convenient for the customers to review and use. The second feature that I would like to put forward is the instant money recharge facility, now one can recharge on the go and without any hustle. Consider yourself talking to your family and suddenly your balance goes oft so if you have this app it will help you with an instant recharge of your choice. Same goes for other services like broad band services and data connection. The last but not the least feature that I would like to point out is the recharging that you can offer a gift recharge to anyone you want. You can help a friend or yourself by recharging the phone by this app. 
This Airtel app has something or the other for everyone and has been designed to give the customers an upper hand. For more information download the app and try it your self or visit today.

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