Thursday 14 May 2015

Recipe - Badam Ka Halwa

Hello Friends

Made Badam Ka Halwa today at home, so sharing the recipe with you all :)

Ingredents - 

  1. Badam 250gm
  2. Desi ghee 7-10 tablespoon
  3. Sugar 1 teacup
  4. Hot Water 1 glass
Step 1 : Soak Badam overnight in plain water
Step 2 : Peel the soaked badams in the morning
Step 3 : Blend the peeled badams (dont make it a complete smooth paste,grind it a little upto a rough texture)

Step 4 : Heat Ghee in a Kadhai.
Step 5 : Add the grinded badam to it.
Step 6 : Mix it well, in low flame.
Step 7 : Keep stirring it until the mixture gives you a light yellowish color.

Step 8 : Add hot water to it mix it well.
Step 9 : Add Sugar, mix it again.

And Garnish it with Badam at the end while serving :)

Have you ever tried making Badam ka halwa at home ever ?
If not try it now :)

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hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~

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