Saturday 9 May 2015

My Momma is my Expert

"Jinke sir pe mamta ki duaayen hain, kismat wale wo hain ji ki maayen hai, unse jara pucho jinki maa hi nai hoti."
Momma the greatest gift of the Almighty is one of the best thing that happens to us. She is the one who is there always and forever it doesn't matter what we go through. She is The expert of our life. Every single problem is solved by this expert because she is always the first one to address our issues and listen to them. Our childhood memories starts and ends with our mom. I have so many such wonderful memories and I cherish them with all my heart.

I still remember few of my incidents where it was my momma's expert advice that saved my day. Actually there are so many of them not few and I would like to bring forward a few of them. It was a school exhibition and I was in the science group and we were supposed to design a chocolate erupting volcano. The task was fun and we had everything under control but after a few eruptions the chocolate volcano stopped working and I was in trouble. My mind was going a complete hay wire and I did not had even the slightest possible idea what I was supposed to do. My momma was there along with other parents to see the exhibition and she came up to me helped me with the piping of the volcano and it worked. She is the expert and a total life saver was my thoughts.

She has pulled me out of several troubles and have helped me at every step of life whether it was some fight at the school or some thing about the science project or some issues with my best pal she had a solution to everything and without any effort for example once while baking I accidentally added a wrong ingredient to my recipe and ran to her for help and she understood what I did by just looking at the color of the mixture and rectified it with a dash of some coloring agent. What could I have done in my life without her.

Momma is the constructing pillars of a child life. Guys who have their mom by their side are really lucky. I would like to cite few beautiful lines which is in the honer of the expert "Maa bachoon ki jaan hoti hai, maa bachoon ki jaan hoti hai, wo hote hai kismat wale jinki maa hoti". We are the real lucky ones to have the blessing of an expert our Momma in our life. Don't ever hurt this expert in your life because our word starts and end at her. Like we have our momma the expert of our life Godrej expert rich creme hair color is the expert of hair coloring to know note visit
"Maa tu shital hai, pawan hai, pyaari hai. Maa tu her bacche ki jaan hai." 
Love you Mumma.

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