Thursday 20 August 2015

Condoms in India

“SEX” the biggest taboo in India. Is it? Well for saying yes but practically no. You are not allowed to share your opinion on this topic of SEX and it is completely prohibited if you belong to the feminine mass although a bigger segment of the Indian population consider us nothing more than a sex slave. We are developing and trying to get along with other developed nations of the world but we lie so far behind when we talk about the Sex and Sex educations. There are no proper education on Sex and how to protect once from the communicable diseases.  
We need to be provided with good and proper knowledge on the birth rate control too because we lack behind in that field too. There are several types of birth control available in the market and to be very precise and keeping it short Condoms are the best and easiest birth control measures available in the market. It is cheap, non permanent and the most important it does not have any kinds of side effects on the body. Government has stated taking few measures to educate people about condoms and it also distributes free condoms to turn this awareness in a general practice for the people. an online portal has also taken this initiative seriously and has started an online condom shop where one can buy condoms anonymously and receive it well packed that no one can even know what you have got in your parcel. USAID conducted a nationwide survey on why man do not prefer using condom and the result of the survey was quite socking because the result said that more or less every man is embarrassed and ashamed to buy condoms on a store and thus they deny to buy condoms and end up with unprotected sex risking their own as well as their partners life.
It is a wonderful initiative taken by condombazaar that they have taken this step and they oath to habituating India to condoms. Someone had to break the ice and had to cross the barrier and this has been done by These guys at the are so very professional in what they do and take care of the privacy of their customers. They keep the parcel neat and clean and it never says condoms or anything related to it. They have found a new way to fight the taboo without even breaking one.
This initiative by the #condombazaar guys will leave a deep impact on the minds of people and they will get more aware day to day and their dream of habituating India to condoms will come true one day and we should help them by making others aware of this e portal. #PlaySafe , #UseCondoms .  

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