Wednesday 12 August 2015

Red Sauce Pasta my way.

It is not about Roti, Paratha or Tandoor today. We have moved far ahead and Pizza, Pasta, Chowmin, Manchurian and Chillies are what we eat and are found of. Indian culinary has been influenced by a lot of other cuisines and we adapt so well in this scenario that our coming generations won't be able to find out whether the recipes belong to our nation or to some other nations. Today we have adapted to Chinese cuisine so well that it is difficult to find out the origin of the recipe. We Indians love to eat and to eat different types of foods we learn to cook different cuisines and same goes with the Italian cuisine.
Talking about the Italian cuisine there are few recipes that are on fire in our country and Pizza and Pasta are the two main recipes among them. We can find a lot of places in India where we can experience the exotic flavors of Pizza and Pasta but we love to cook things in our own way and we Indians are smart in adding tarka to any food from any part of the world and so here is my very own and simple yet yummy recipe of Red sauce Pasta.
I learned to cook pasta from my hubby who belongs to the food and beverage section of the service industry. He is definitely a good chef too and cooks delicious Pasta. This recipe of mine is a simplified version of his recipe and I bet it tastes nothing less than his recipe. So here is my recipe.

For the sauce -
1 A bowl of sliced onions
2 Ginger Garlic Paste 1 full spoon
3 Roughly chopped garlic few pieces
4 Blanched tomatoes 2 pieces
5 Tomato puree 1 tea cup
6 Cumin and black pepper powder 1 tea spoon
7 Pinch of red Chilli powder
8 A whole green or red bell pepper
9 American corn
10 Salt to taste
11 Butter 3-4 tea spoon

For pasta -
1 DelMonte Pasta
2 Water
3 Pinch of salt

Preparation :-
In a Kadhai or a Non stick pan heat up the butter or oil can also be used and let it heat completely. When the butter is hot put in the Ginger Garlic Paste and saute on a low flame. Saute it until it looses its earthy smell and instead smells good say for 5-7 minutes but on a low flame so that we don't burn the GGP. When the GGP turns golden put in the sliced onions and saute it again for next 7-8 minutes we do not turn the onions golden or brown. Add the bell pepper and stir the mixture for few more minutes till the bell peppers turn soft and now add the cumin, black pepper and the chilli powder and saute till they mix well. Now add the chopped tomatoes and the tomato puree and let it sit for next 10 minutes and at the end check the seasoning.

Boil water in a thick bottom bowl and add the pasta to it. Let it cook to be firm to the bite.

Final step
Put in the boiled pasta in the sauce and mix it well.

And lastly serve it hot with a thumps up on the rocks.

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