Friday 21 August 2015

The New Airtel 4G

People born in 80’s will always wonder and will be thankful for the internet. I do not mean that people born after that will not be thankful of wonder less but for the 80 kids it is special. We have seen the life changing drastically with the use of internet. Internet was nothing less than a miracle at a time when all you could have referred to were a bunch of books laying on a dusty self of a library or sms the short messaging services where the fastest means of word exchange and that also came with a boundation of number of words that can be used. Songs could only be bought and not downloaded in form of mp3 but now everything is possible and it is the Internet only that is responsible for it. It has helped us develop in each and every segment of life and has given us a more comfortable, safe and secures life.
The internet changed the face of the world completely and brought a new a techy era. This era was fast and everything lied on the finger tips. Stores, hotel reservation, ticket bookings anything and everything was now online by the help of internet. Large collection of books and documents were stored at a place and it was easily accessible from any part of the world. Ideas, information and knowledge were shared and gained here. We got advanced and never looked back.
It was not less than to have an internet connection on hand but the main problem was or even today is the speed that we get from the internet providers. There are different sources of getting an internet connection like a wired broad band connection which has lightning speed and is considered as the best but the main or the biggest drawback to it is that it is not portable and cannot be taken along. The second or the most used type of internet connection is the wireless internet connection provided by the mobile carriers like Airtel, Tata Docomo, Idea and etc. these mobile carries provide data connection an can be used in any ways one wants. It is portable and could be carried anywhere. But the main problem that was or is faced by the users of the mobile carrier data connection is the speed of the internet. The carriers started with a low speed 2G data connection and were later upgraded to 3G. The 3G data connection was fast but was not good enough for the generation “X”. they needed better than a 3G data connection and their wish was heard by the Airtel mobile carrier and they launched the very first 4G service in India.
This 4G data connection is just awesome and is nothing less than broad band. It has speed and has a great value for money. I myself am a big movie, songs and game freak so if I get a 4G connection I would really like to download all the hits and block buster’s of Hollywood and Bollywood. I would download big graphics games for my PC and X Box and play them all night. Who won’t like a good and fast internet connection? I would create my own movie and Game library. I would also download hell lot of eBooks because I love reading in my leisure. There are so many things that would do if I get my hands on such a 4G data connection. It would be like a dream coming true.

Airtel has launc service successfully and it is out there so let us just go and grab our own 4G today and it is not costly at all it just costs as much as 3G and all you need to do is just tweet and you will get your sim.
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