Monday 17 August 2015

Design Your Own Dress !

Hi All !

Whenever we go shopping , we take a load of time to select the dress which suits our mood or we can say the one which we like the most. And sometimes we come back without any shopping bag simply because that one dress which is in our mind or the one we are thinking about that kind or style is not available in any store.
Keeping in mind our this problem has come up with a new concept where you can design your own dress. yes girls its a total win win situation for us :)

Its quiet easy to do - if you want you can combine two or more different dresses, or use one dress as basic style and modify it as you like. All the dresses in their site or a third party website or even your own pictures can be customize by them. You can have fun in customizing  the fabric, color, embellishment, closure, neckline, shoulder, bodice, back, straps, train length and much more. YesMyBride makes it easy and affordable for customers to get custom tailored dress for a look that is professional, fitted, and truly sophisticated. They started with a basic idea of helping brides-to-be and now they are very successful in their business.

Check out few amazing sketches from YesMyBride - 

Happy Designing Ladies :)
And if you want to shop from their collection just go to -

for any queries feel free to mail me here:

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