Sunday 1 February 2015

No more calls Now chat on Quikr.

Mr. Pranay Chulet would have never even wondered that he was going to gift his fellow Indians with such a wonderful gift of Quikr. And his gifts are doing excellent wonders to the need fulls. You are in need of a car and don't want to buy a new one and you don't know where to look just log on to Quikr. You are fed up of your old bulged TV box set and you are looking to buy a new LCD but can't understand what to do with the old one sell it on Quikr. And there are many more things that you can do here all you need to do is place an advertisement of your needs and you are done.

Although Quikr was doing exceptionally well but the team wanted to move further and provide a more personalized service to its consumers and here they are introducing a new and sensational feature to the website and this feature is known as Quikr NXT.

This new feature enabled a chat feature to your Quikr website. The feature is available for the both version of the site that is the desktop site and the mobile site. Here with the help of the new feature you can chat with the other consumers on line about the products you have been selling or the products you are willing to buy from other customers.

If asked for my own opinion on the topic, I would prefer to use the chat feature over the call feature. And I have my own strong and valid reasons for that.
Not to mention but sometimes the calls which are in response to your advertisement are really annoying. They come at odd hours. And by odd hours I mean that maybe you are in middle of something important and you get a distracting call from a buyer who is not even close to knowing that he has called you at a wrong time. Also you can filter the serious buyers away from the time pass one's who just call you for fun.
Secondly the Quikr NXT feature doesn't let you miss your buyers. Maybe a buyer calls you when your phone is switched off and could not get in touch with you so the chat feature helps you to get back to them later. So you can chat whenever you are free and respond to the questions when you get time. You are happy and your replies to the buyers doesn't let them feel ignored.

The last but not the list of all the new Quikr NXT feature can help you to be a mysterious seller. Well i am kidding. But seriously sometimes you want to sell something and you can't let your roommates know about it. Or maybe you want to sell your old phone and get a new one with the extra money you have saved from the last festive season but you don't want your parents to know about it than this feature is a boon to you. No calls from the buyers and you can execute you plans more discretely. Or maybe you can sell your old unwanted stuffs discretely and buy a gift for your partner or your parents without them knowing how and when you did it. Surprises are always good and welcomed and thus feature can help you bring a smile on your loved one's face.

Above all this modern world prefers modern ways over the old ones and chatting is one among them. All i could say id that guys at Quikr really know how to keep up the pace with the world and so they have come up with this feature. They are the best in their field and are willing to accept the challenges of the evolving world and are ready to evolve.
Check out the latest feature on Quikr website yourselves click here

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