Saturday 28 February 2015

Upgraded My Car With Quikr NXT

We don’t buy Cars and houses every day. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to earn every single penny which can be used to buy a car. But how could someone make this understand to a guy who only dream or cars and bikes? Although having two of them standing in the garage he still finds the third car running on the rood better than what he owns. Ohhh I am sorry I forgot to mention that I was talking about my hubby. He is a big car freak. He loves long drives obviously with me. And to be very honest I adore his passion. But the problem is that he likes a car for just six to nine months and then he wants something else. And I am really worried that it is not always possible to buy a new car having two already standing at home. It is waste of money too because when he buys a new one he doesn’t drives the old one and it also cause the space problem as its impossible to accommodate the third one at the home garage.

This last Sunday he told me that he was planning to buy a Honda mobilio and he was done driving the Alto car. This car was in the family since a long time and he never liked driving it. Although I loved driving it, but I was not a frequent driver. So I asked him that what I should do with the alto car. And he replied mockingly that I should sell it on Quikr . And an idea struck my mind that why not I should use Quikr NXT to upgrade my car. Well the service is free of cost so it was worth a try.

So that afternoon when he left for the office in his Ertiga I was all setup with my phone to click the pictures of the car and post it on Quikr. And I did so. I posted an advertisement in Quikr that I was willing to sell my car for a very reasonable price because I was planning to but anew one very soon. Posted the advertisement with pictures and every requirements like model number and year of manufacturing and I was good to go. I wanted to sell this car secretly and wanted to gift a new car to my hubby from my saving so I also availed the Quikr NXT facility. This is a facility where you do not need to attend calls from the buys instead you can chat with them. So the very next hour I stared receiving messages from people around the town that they we looking for such a car. After chatting with few of t hem I got a message from an elderly lady saying that she wants that car for her grandson only if it was in a good running condition. I assured her about the condition of the car and told her that I myself will come with the car to her house and she can then check the car and test the engine too.

So the very next afternoon I reached to the designated address and the old lady took a test drive first and then we discussed the pricing over a cup of cold coffee. It was like a dream that I was really selling my car and I did. I handed her all the papers and required documents and recived the payment and took a cab to my home.

That night when he arrived he was shocked to find the car missing from the garage. And then came the surprising part for him. I offered him the full amount for the Honda Mobilio and said him “Jao ji lo apni Zindagi”. And he was in a state of shock for few minutes. He counted the money and asked me that where did I get this money and I told him that I just followed your instructions and sold the old car on Quikr and now we can easily upgrade to a new one. And he made me a promise that this car is going to stay with us until I ask him to sell it.

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