Friday 27 February 2015

Bought Iphone 5c at very cheap price with the help of 27coupons

"Holi ka hai teyohar mai kuch rang chuninda laai hun. Rango se bhar jaye ye duniya aapki mai Rab se duya ker aai hun."

Holi a festival of color, love and Happiness. To be honest it is one of my favourite festival. The smell of the atmosphere, the bliss of the sun and the smoothness of the wind. What a time of the year. The almighty has so perfectly timed this festival and it refreshes all of our our minds and hearts. I simply love the essence of this festival.
And if we are speaking of festivals how could we not expect gifts from our loved once? And would not it so selfish without giving a gift back to them on the festival. So as usual I was confused again that what should I be gifting Mr. Hubby this festival. And like always I was clueless. And then mere dimag ki batti jali. I remembered that he has lost his iPhone 5 c recently and this loss was really painful for him. He did not sleep the night he lost his phone. So nothing could have been better than gifting him a new iPhone 5c which would add color to his life. Now that the gift was decided came the most exasperated part where to buy it.

And suddenly I knew where to start my search and I typed www.27coupons.comand started my search .

27coupons are so organised that you can just pick a store from there and start your search for offers and discounts. The site had segregated the offers and deals and has categorised it so well. One can just straight forward start the search or browse according to the requirements. (pic)

So I started my search with the and guess what it was my lucky day. I saw an offer which said IPhone 5c 8 GB just at ₹22990.

 Although he lost a 32 GB but yet a phone for a phone was all I could have given him.
I clicked on the offer and it directly landed me to the amazon India web page and there I choose my color and processed to check out and used COD option as the payment option. I did not use a card because he could have figured it out that what I had bought and that would have ruined my surprise. All thanks it fixed me with a great deal yet again. 

27coupons is like a jinni for me and has helped me with great deals and offers always.
I have always and will always return to 27coupons before buying a merchandise. I bet that iPhone will bring a colorful smile on my hubbies face this Holi. What are you waiting for ready steady and go to 27coupons and see what they have for you in their store. You never know you may get lucky too


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