Saturday 7 February 2015

My Daddy is the Greatest !!!

 The word “father”for me is a synonym for Love, Trust, Happiness, and Sacrifice. Paapa tum sab kuchsehte ho aurhumsekuchnahikehte ho. A #Greatdad is a mentor, a friend, a teacher and a gift from the God. He lives for the happiness of his child- small or big, soft or tough he is there for you always. He is the one person in the world who can be angry and adorable at the same time. He has always been there  since the day you were born and will be there forever. His fingers taught us to walk, his care and love molds us to what we become in our life. A #greatDad works day and night for to better our future and helps us to grow into a good human being. Like I said he symbolizes love, care and wisdom all together. Dad is an image of the lord who has been sent here to look after us and guide us through the ups and downs of our life.
I have been blessed with the greatest Dad in the world.I was born in his image and in his image I will grow. That is what I have always wished. He has understood my Love, pain, fear and troubles in the best possible way. And he is always there to deal with them. Good days or bad days he stood by me always. #GreatDad like mine are straight sent from the heaven. My Dad has helped me in every walk of my life. He supported my thoughts and dreams and helped me to turn them into reality. He is the key to my every success and the main ingredient of my happiness.
There has been a hell lot of incidents in my life where my Dad came to my rescue but I would like to share a small story from my life where my #GreatDad rescued me from all the sufferings like a hero and helped me achieve ….. My Love. I was always a Papas’ girl, he has helped me in all my tensions and worries. But this time the worry was a bit serious one. I was in Love with a guy and he was the only thing I wanted and wanted to get married soon. Every single member of my family was furious at my decision of marrying a guy from other caste. Dad was silent. His face and expressions said to me that he was angry, worried and tensed about my decision. And he had all the rights to be. After all I was the apple of his eye.  Everyone went on shouting and howling at me. Few were genuine and others faked it but all I waited for was my dad’s decision and reaction to the news that he just heard. I was afraid because I knew his love for me was special and it was a tough decision for him to make. But he decided to go along with it and watch whether or not I have chosen wisely.
After a long discussion in my family, they concluded that I should not see this guy any more. They wanted me to breakup with him and marry someone who belonged to my caste. I was so pissed off and eager as well. But I sensed that the things were not going my way and I was so disappointed about it. And this unhappiness and disappointment was clearly visible on my face and in my eyes. But did I forget that I had an angel who was always there for me. My dad sensed the problem and spoke out, in the end. He asked me a few questions and we had a small discussion on the topic and at the end he signaled that the decision would fall in my favor.
Later I asked dad what was it that changed his mind that he accepted the guy. And his answer was really touching. He said that although he taught me to walk, talk, laugh and dance he wasn't sure that he taught me well to love other but this incident blew his mind and made him realize that I have grown up and I could make my decisions on my own. Cast or no cast it didn't matter, all matter is that love that he had for me and that he saw in my eyes for that guy. And finally, he concluded that being a father, he is the one responsible for everything and he could not have let anyone marry me until he was satisfied. I was in all tears and hugged him. This is just one among tons of incidents where he was the savior for me. He is so persistent and reliable that I can be the most careless girl in the world under his guidance. 

Indeed he is the #GreatDad of the world for me and a great man too. “Daddy I love you thank you for being there for me, you always forgave my mistakes and praised my good work; you certainly are the Image of the God.  You are the greatest creation of the Lord and I am highly obliged to be your daughter”.


  1. So sweet.. I so loved the ad! Reminds me of my dad.. he was in the army too! And very well written post!

  2. So sweet.. I so loved the ad! Reminds me of my dad.. he was in the army too! And very well written post!

  3. loved the ad..made me feel like giving my dad a big hug! i think what makes a dad great is being human while also playing such an important role!


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