Wednesday 18 February 2015

Pamper new Love language for my baby.

Being Mom is the proudest moment for a woman. That little life which arrives in the world through us is the greatest gift as well as the greatest wonder of the Lord. We keep that life inside us  and nourish it for nine months with at most care and love and wait for its arrival in the world. And when it does arrives in our world we try to give our best to them. We play, we laugh, we cry and we grow with them day to day.
And among these funs comes the best part when it's the bed time for the baby. This bed time arrives after a long and tiring day and the babies as well as the mom are ready to retire and call it a day. And every mom has a bed time ritual that they follow while putting the baby to sleep so do I. These rituals help my baby have a sound, good night sleep and also take an extra care of it. The baby being so little and unable to express its feeling and problems, therefore it is the mom who understands and takes care of each and every details for the baby.  
Well my rituals starts with feeding the baby. The little ones are always hungry you know and they need milk or there diet time to time on a fixed interval. So I keep feeding her every hour and before putting to sleep I feed her extra so that she sleeps well otherwise she wakes up hungry at night and thus doesn’t have a sound sleep and gets less sleep. The feeding is followed by oil message for the strengthening of the bones and to reduce the pain of her limbs as she keeps cycling all day long. This oiling and messaging is also accompanied some sort of lorry for the baby although it doesn't understands a bit of it but I think it amuse the baby and it cries less.
The next and the last step is to put Pampers pants on to the baby. Like I told you babies are hungry every hour and need milk to calm their hunger. And more they drink milk more they pee and more they pee more they wet their pants and beds which leads to less sleep. The wetness of the pant and bed wake them up every time they pee. So using Pampers for the baby is the best. Pampers are designed is such a way that they are able to hold wetness and moisture for a long time. The pamper pants absorbs and hold the moisture and wetness for up to 6 or 7 times. The baby feels no dampness and thus has a sound unobstructed sleep and the baby wakes up in the morning with a good night sleep and a big smile on her face.
We all promise the best for our little ones and Pampers is one among those best things that we can give them because milk and sleep is all they need to grow up well.  Give Pampers to your kid and give and them a good night sleep and a reason to grow.  For more information on Pampers baby dry paints visit the website Give the best to your kid because they deserve.

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