Saturday 27 December 2014

Sach Mai He Sukun Hai

There is great saying Truth is always bitter. When I was a kid I thought it means that one should always lie and never say the truth because it will taste bitter. Childhoods are some crazy days aren't they? And I could not have understood it if life had not taught it to me in its own way.

Well my story goes 8 years back. I was a simple yet a lively girl free of any burden and tension. Belonging from a hardcore Marwari family I knew that there wasn’t even the slightest scope of a guy in my life and even if there was my parents would have not agreed to it. So boyfriend double crossed, I lived in a PG accommodation within the management of a strict and rude aunt so fun life double crossed so all had was studies. And I choose Economic honors to keep me indulged and it did keep me fun life free very well until “HE” happened in my life. Wo din mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai. And why wouldn’t I remember it after all it was my birthday.

It was 1st of April, yup that’s my birthday I am a born fool a random guy although no so random he was my best friends friend made an appearance to my birthday treat and that stupid guy paid all the bill of the treat just because I asked him that how could you accompany someone to someone’s party without being invited. He got up called the waiter and asked for the bill paid it and left handing me a big Dairymilk. I didn’t care much all I thought was bandde mai attitude bahot hai. It was exactly 9.30pm I was on my study table and my phone rang with some unknown number flashing on it. It did irritate me because I was studying but I picked up the call thinking someone may have called in to wish me. But to my surprise it was him, the guy from my party who paid my bills today. He said (let me quote exactly what he said), “Hello, pehchana kaun? Are wahi jisko aapne apni party mai nai bulaya tha, listen I liked you, your ways, your style and I LOVE YOU”. I had no words and disconnected the call he kept calling me and texting me I didn’t pick up. Story ended here from my side although he tried his luck for several days.

Weeks passed by and I almost forgot him and suddenly my phone broke. It wouldn’t turn on although I can hear the nokia sound but no display. I called up my friend somehow and asked her that if she knew any mechanic and she said that do I remember that guy who crashed into my party because he was a good tech savvy guy and had helped her so many times. I had no time for these things so I asked her to give my phone to him and see whether he could fix it. Well he did fix my phone but said that I will have to meet him if I want my phone back I had no other option but to meet this guy. And I met him in the same restaurant where we met first and he gave my phone back and didn’t say anything. I was so surprised and angry too, I mean if he was to keep mum why the hell he called me? He could have given it to my friend. I went back with my phone and to be honest it ran as it was new. I did like that guy after all he wasn’t that bad.

We started texting, talking, meeting and going out and he proposed again. And I told him no but this time it wasn’t me who said no. it was the fear of my parents and my career that compelled me to lie and I lie to him for almost one and a half year but this guy stuck to my side always what so ever. I was afraid my parent may ask me to discontinue my studies and would have asked me to get married but I loved him yes I did but I kept lying to him. It was always no whether it was a coffee shop or a multiplex I always lied.

It was October I don’t know what was going in my head it kept spinning, I felt that it was high time now and I should do something about it. First I thought I will say him that I am leaving the town forever and also that he won’t try to contact me but my heart started shrinking and the very next moment I took my phone it was 1 in the morning I called him up and before I could say anything he said, “Dear I LOVE YOU and Don’t ever leave me alone”. I paused and disconnected the phone to my surprise he didn’t call back. 15 minutes later I called him back and he picked up the phone again. I asked him to get up and sit down and call me after having a glass of water. All worried he called me up in less than 1 minute. I picked up the phone and he asked me worried, “Dear aap thik toh ho?” I said him,”Rakesh I kept lying to you for more than a year and I can’t take it anymore, No more lying, no more burdens, no more sleepless nights, yes I LOVE YOU and always have and I always will”   We continued to be together until one day my parents came to know about it and I told them the truth too. They were furious and shocked but wo kehte hain na “Pyaar kea age kiska chalt hai” and today we are happily married since last 3 years and 7 months.

Truth was bitter but yes it tasted sweet and it still does. My parents are happy today to see us in love and are proud to have him as their son in law. Haven’t I would have spoke the truth to him or to my parents I don’t kno where I would have been. So Sachai mai sachmuch bahoot chain hota hai.

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  1. Hello from Spain: you're right. A great reflection. Very interesting. Happy New Year. Keep in touch


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