Tuesday 30 December 2014

Dad! Please Shave

It's always mummy's boy and Pappa's daughter and same goes for me too. I share a great bonding with my mom but the relation between me and my Dad is special. It always was and it always will be. My dad is tall, smart and handsome do doubt but he had a flaw. Yes you heard me right. Well you can say I am mean that I am pointing out my Dad's mistake but truth is truth. He was a bit lazy sometimes and that was what bothered me the most. He didn't like to shave at all. Although life gave him a lesson on it and he understood that shaving is an important aspect of life and needs to be presentable always. Here is what happen to him.
My dad is a business man and is his own boss so he had no one to point out that he should be shaved and presentable. And like I told you that he was a lazy lad and never bothered about his looks. Mumma was always after him but he was very good at making excuses and tackling mumma. So he never let me or mumma win over his excuses. But he didn't know that someone somewhere was watching this and had his plans set for dad.
It was lazy winters evening we were enjoying a nice fire in our courtyard and dad's phone rang. He picked up the phone and by the excitement in his voice I could make out that he was exited. So he disconnected the call and asked me, "Guess what?", I replied in same expression, "what?". I could clearly see the annoyance on his face but i didn't want to ruin his moment and asked him that who called and why was he so happy? He gave me a look and then getting back into excitement told us the whole thing that he was asked to judge a city level badminton tournament and he would be the chief guest. Well I forgot to mention that my dad was a state level badminton and volleyball champion himself. So we were exited that dad was being given a great honor to be the  chief guest and judge a badminton tournament.
The long awaited day or to be very precise evening finally arrived and dad was all set to rock the indoor stadium by his presence but what the holy cow of mother nature he didn't bothered to shave. Man who does that me and mom tried our best to convince him but he wouldn't listen. We gave up at last knowing he won’t listen. So we arrived at the stadium gate on time or I should say before time and Dad started looking for someone whom he could talk to and who could get us in. We approached the entrance which was guarded by two guards who thought they were no less than commandos. Dad tried to enter the stadium and one of the guards stopped him and asked what business he has here. My Dad told him that he was the chief guest and he has arrived a bit early so he should let him in. But one of the guard replied mockingly, “Sir are you sure you have even been invited to the tournament? Because your face doesn’t say so”. Now that was humiliating and I could see that mixed look of anger and shame on Dad’s face. But before he could have reacted to the situation someone came for our rescue and we were finally directed inside. The guard who was rude to my dad came in apologized for his behavior and to my surprise dad didn’t say him anything but, “its ok, can happen to anyone”.
That was the day my father realized that wherever one should go he/she should be at his/her best always. He started shaving since then and now he doesn’t skips even a day.
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