Saturday 13 December 2014

Let's Rise Above Fear

"Fear is just like fire; it can be helpful if you know how to use it. If not, you will get burned."

Mike Tyson.

Everyone has their own fears. It is not weird to have fears but if we back down just thinking that it is too risky to overcome the fear that is completely cowardliness. We need to take risk in our lives to #RiseAboveFear and one who does lives his or her life with dignity. These all were just another lecture for me until one day I faced my biggest fear. And the risk I took to fight back made me courageous and was a rise above fear moment for me.
It was just a normal usual day. The day had just started and Mr. Hubby was getting ready for the office and I was in the kitchen doing my usual stuff. I was in a hurry had to prepare breakfast and lunch box for my hubby. While I was in middle of finishing a sunny side up for his toast the LPG cylinder ran out. Ask a woman how frustrating it is to change a LPG cylinder if she is in middle of her cooking and that also when she is in jiffy. Anyways I looked by him and unfortunately he was in the washroom bathing. I asked him to change the cylinder and he said he is going to take other 10 minutes to come out. Man so furious I was. But kept my cool and dragged the cylinder to the kitchen to fix it up.
When I removed the empty cylinder I do not know how but I broke the valve that is in the middle of the nozzle but I didn’t care about it. It was an old cylinder and the valve was all rusty and I knew that the cylinders keep changing every time they get empty so not a big deal. What I missed out was that there was still some gas left in the cylinder although it looked so light when I lifted it. I fixed the new cylinder and pushed the old one back and it fell. I lit up my burner again and started my work where I left it. I shut the burner and went to check on him whether he was still enjoying his shower or was he out and ready for the breakfast. God he was still inside. I knocked on the door and he said that he was done and would be out in few moments.
I returned back to the kitchen and thought of starting with the toasts. I lit a matchstick and lit the burner and threw it down. Suddenly the cylinder lying on the ground was on fire and I could see a liquid oozing out of its nozzle and catching fire. Well I didn’t mention fire was my biggest fear since I was caught in a fire while I was young. I was clueless, hopeless and helpless all at the same time. I literally froze their and saw the fire catching up. And then I remember that it was my house and we have bought it with a lot of trouble and if this cylinder blasts it doesn’t matter I live or die the house will not be left standing in a single piece.
That was the instance when I got the courage in me I don’t exactly know what happened to me but I grabbed the cylinder by its bottom and rushed out of the main door and pushed it out in the courtyard. It was Darr kea age jeet hai moment for me. Join the face book page and share your darr kea age jeet moments here
Hubby who was all shocked knowing nothing about what happened came out running and hugged me hard and eased me up as I was all trembling. It took me few minutes to calm down and it took him no moment to understand what just happened. He said that I could have just run out of the house instead of trying to be a hero. All I could utter was that some risk are worth taking because the success tastes much sweeter then the bitterness of the fear. That incident still leaves goose bumps when I recall the whole scene. I took the risk and took it over my fear.
Don’t give up without trying just remember “Darr kee aage jeet hai”.
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