Wednesday 31 December 2014

I Share My passion With Micromax

We all love to live our dreams. Some of us succeed and some of us keep trying until we succeed. All that matters is the passion behind our dream. A life without a passion is like a body without a soul. We live, play, fight and even die for our passion. It is the passion of our dream that takes us to places and helps up to conquer the world. Have you ever thought what would life be like if you were not doing what you like or if you were not chasing your passion? Monotonous is the only word that suits best for an answer. This new year let’s take a resolution, a resolution to dive deep into our passion and to crack every obstacle that comes in our way. Passion is what we live for and passion is what we should die for. And to assist our passion Micromax has come up with a new wonder, yes you heard me right I call it a wonder because it’s nothing less than that. I am talking about the Micromax Canvas Tab P666. A Tab launched by Micromax with an Intel Atom core processor inside. For more details visit

I too live for a passion and my passion is to be a successful and a famous fashion blogger. Well I work hard in the best possible direction to live my dream and to fulfill my passion. But whit the Micromax Canvas Tab P666. I think my life would be easier and this tab can help me chase my dream well and live up to my passion.

As a fashion blogger I need to visit so many web sites. I need to put my views about the fashion to the world through the social networking and guess what? The Intel Atom processor of the Tab is like a magic for me. Or in other words it can act like a magic for me. Faster the tab would work faster would I connect and share my views and work. Not only that the Intel Hyper Threading technology could make it easier for me to work simultaneously on various things. So you one say that it’s just not a Tab but could be your key to the success of your passion. The Tab is so smooth and can handle your multitasking skills so easily and can add up to your caliber. Also we should not forget the 8 inch display that the gadget comes with. The era of wired telephones were sacked to the selves when mobile phones were launched in the market and in this present era Tab has started acting as a mini laptop for us and the day is not far that we would see laptops being sacked to the selves too.

Micromax has designed this Tab keeping this theory in mind and has packed this tab with all it needs to be the best in the market. The tab comes with the latest Android Operating system in the market and has1 GB RAM in it. It has two cameras that is front one of 2 megapixels and the rear one of 5 Megapixels. The device has 8 Gb internal storage and could be expended up to 32 GB along with 3G GSM facility in it. The gadget has wifi facility and also music and video players for entertainment, means I could work and play as well.  What more could one ask for. I would love to buy one of this for me and one for my hubby as well. Like I said this would help me brows, check, connect and most important it would give me speed.

Micromax Canvas has a passion to change the digital world with its gadgets and they have succeeded in it so far. And I bet this new-year they will rock the world with the Micromax Canvas Tab P666. Don’t imagine get one for you and check it out. As for me I am definitely getting one or two of it.

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