Tuesday 2 December 2014

Look what i shopped from fabfurnish.com

Hey Fellas !!

Last week shopped a few stuff for Kitchen from fabfurnish.com :)

First of all let me tell you guys they got a huge variety of stuff for Kitchen and Dining category, not only that but also for our Home purpose they got Furniture, Bed and Bath, Decor and Lightning sections also with 1000's of products to choose from according to our taste and choice.
I was looking for a Non Stick Appapatram maker to make Appam for my niece (my niece is a die hard fan of south indian dishes), and i got it at fabfurnish.com and with that i bought 1 measuring cup and 1 Disney bowl too for my niece and guess what all the products i bought was in discount on top of that free shipping :)
I placed my order with them on 25th and the next day i got a mail saying my order was shipped. Placing an order with them was quiet easy and comfortable. After 3 days when i received my order it was very nicely wrapped, there was no problem in opening the couriers, and the products were safely placed inside the box.
Have a look at my order - 

Wohoo so happy :D
Now its time to cook and make my niece happy. Thank you fabfurnish.com
In total now i am 1 of the satisfied customer of fabfurnish.com and would love to shop with them again very soon.
Have you guys ever shopped with them yet ?

for any querries feel free to mail me here: preranakedia@gmail.com

hugs and kisses
~ Prerana ~


  1. So many goodies cool to get your order in a small amount of time.

  2. Wow babe! Such great goodies you've got!! I didn't know that's how an appapatram maker looks like! Wow!! :) Will definitely be checking out their store :)


  3. i shop with them a lot and love their service
    Keep in touch


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