Tuesday 16 December 2014

Check Out Blogmint :)

Hello Friends

Blogging has been more than a mere passion today. I still can recall time when people used to blog just for fun and as their hobby. Poetry, stories, songs and etc were the main criteria for the blogs. But the time has changed now. With the rapidly developing world our ways of blogging and reasons of blogging has taken new shapes. This 21st century has transformed blogging into a new platform. A platform where not only people share their thoughts but they also come to know about new things and new ideas. It has been a platform to advertise and a platform to review new products, sites and etc. And to put this all things together “To The New” have taken an initiative and introduced a new website blogmint.com.

Blogmint is an opportunity, a platform and a gateway for bloggers to come across new products or websites to be very precise. The product could be anything from software to an application. And the best part is that these campaigns can also fill your wallets as the reviews can get you paid too. I have been working for them since sometimes now and have been through few campaigns too and have been paid and praised for my work too. All I want to say is that Blogmint has given me new and good opportunities and reason to Blog. Join BlogMint and Happy Blogging. 

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