Wednesday 31 December 2014

Shave - Must For First Impression

Couples are decided in heaven and are separated on earth. Well that is entirely my philosophy and I don’t know whether I am right or wrong. But one thing that I am quite sure of is that may be the couples are decided in heaven but it’s us who nourish and carry our relations right from the beginning. And sometimes this relation completely depends on how we look and how we carry ourselves. All I want to say is that whether it’s the matter of a relationship or love we should be always presentable because sometimes a bit of laziness can destroy everything. It can destroy the bond that was created up in the heaven. Now you may think I am talking all nonsense, well I am not and to prove this here I am with a very small incident from my life.
My brother in law is a smart guy or I should say have become a smart guy since the day we decided to pay a visit to the in-laws to see the girl and to talk to her parents about all the arrangements that was to be made if the marriage was fixed. We were all set to go but my brother in law (Sanu) wasn’t yet home. We were all waiting for his return as he and Mr. Hubby were out of station for some business reasons. They were supposed to return by the afternoon but were late due to the flight delay. I was so excited and worried too because I knew that both the brothers were going be late and this could create a fuss in the end. Finally they arrived at half past seven and we were supposed to be at the hotel by eight.
All of us were almost ready except the two brothers who had just come in. Sanu was the one who was supposed to get ready soon and thus we all were shouting at him to be ready, in fifteen minutes. Mr. Hubby got fresh had a cup of coffee, shaved and got dressed up. And now it was 7:55 pm already and we were going to be late which wasn’t a good thing at all. So at last Dad said we are out in five minutes all you guys are ready or not. And we followed his instructions well.
We were all in the car within five minutes but Sanu was still late well after all he is the groom so he had all the rights in the world to take few extra minute. Finally he arrived all dressed up neatly but what? He wasn’t shaved. GOD girls don’t like guys with beard and mustache. That was my perception. Before I could ask him Dad signaled the driver to ignite the engine and so here we were with a Dulhe raja who hadn’t shaved.  We arrived the hotel 15 minutes late which wasn’t the main issue I was worried about but it was Sanu.
So our parents met and things were going good until the would be Dulhan steeped in. She was good looking well not as good as Sanu but yes one can say that it was Rab ne banadi Jori types. Dulhan looked a bit disappointed and I knew the reason. I asked sanu to go and talk to her in some private so they took a seat just behind us. Well I was physically present with my hubby but mentally I was there with them.  I heard the girl ask Sanu that why hadn’t he shave? To which he replied back that he was out of the town and got no time and also he promised that he would meet her tomorrow at the CCD and he would be perfectly groomed and shaved and then she can decide on whether to marry him or not. But the confidence in his voice worked for her and she told him that with your looks I would have said a no but the way you left the decision on me I would say yes and sure I would love to see you tomorrow all clean shaved.
Sanu got a lesson that day that if you are a guy you need to shave because there is no reason on this earth that could be your excuse for not shaving. They met the next day and I got a picture of them on my Whats app saying we are ready to follow the bond made in the heaven. 

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