Saturday 14 March 2015

Happily ever after together

"Tum agar saath dene ka wada karo mai yuhi mast nagme lutata rahun."
This has been a very old and romantic melody track sung by Mr. Kapoor and has been a source of love and togetherness since a very long time. The very simple explanation of this song is that together we can conquer every obstacle of our lives. We sometimes are weak and dull and all we need is a company to cheer us up. And sometimes this company leaves a deep mark engraved on our life and fills us with positive energy, attitude and optimism that we get motivated and gain strength to move ahead in our lives. We cling to these kinds of memories and use it as a power source to move ahead and conquer our fears.
I have been through such a situation in my life where I felt everything was over and gone. I had lost the meaning of my live but the moment spent with that special person lead a framework for my future and have brought me here where I am today.
My story starts with the end of my college days. I was on the verge of fishing my studies and was supposed to get back to my home after that. Now you must be thinking what was so bad about it huh??? Actually the problem wasn't my going back to home but it was that I was never going to see the love of my life again. Yes I was truly, madly and deeply in love with this guy we had had few great moments together but everything was going to be shattered in a go. I was so afraid that my parents were not going to listen any ifs’ and buts’ about this guy because he wasn't of my caste and thus i was worried and terrified.
I called him and asked him to meet me, I wanted to spend the day with him because only God knew what was going to happen next. So we finally met at a nearby coffee joint for the one last and final time. Well that is what I thought at least. But I was so unaware that thus last moment spent together were going to decide my future. We sat on the corner seat. I was in almost tears and was barely able to speak. He understood me very well he always did. He took my hand in his hands and said, "I have not taken this hand in mine to leave you alone, I have loved you and will keep doing that always no matter what and no one will separate us no one could and I could always run away with you but I won't because our love is real and people say that true love always wins and so will ours, we may come across a lot of problems but remember we will stick together". 

I was really touched and optimized although I had a fear somewhere in my heart of losing him and not being able to see him again. But sometimes all you got to do is forget about everything and just live in the moment and that was what I did. I said to myself that whatever happens tomorrow I have him by my side today and this is what I will remember always and forever so this togetherness is what I should cheer about instead of moaning on the coming future. We spent the whole day together and if felt like a lifetime. Undoubtedly this was the best moment of my life of our togetherness and I still am clinging to it. Life played a lot of tricks and dramas but at the end of the day our true love won like he said. We have been happily married to each other since last 4 years and have a little princess too. I live every moment loved and cared and today every single moment spent are special and optimizing.
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