Friday 6 March 2015

Pampers Baby Dry Pants for happy mornings

Babies are sent from heaven and are said to be the Image of God's. They have a direct connection channel to God and are capable of having direct contact with the almighty. That little smile on the innocent face is worth a million. And we cherish every single moment with our babies. We laugh when the baby laughs, we imitate to cry when they do, we play and share the funny and silly moments with them indulging ourselves completely in their happiness and sorrows.

I am lucky to have a little angle named Eva and she is just fabulous. Her smile is one in a billion and it makes my day always. It does not matter how mad I am or how bad is my mood, all it takes is a little smile from my princess and I forget everything and in return I always try to keep her happy and smiling. There are few particular things which make her happy. The first one among them is the cartoon characters. Bheem, Dorimon and Sinchan are the best friends that my daughter has. She always seems to enjoy their company on the television. They always make the smile and she keeps laughing all the way in their company. She is a diehard cartoon fan and cartoon always keeps her happy.
She likes to be thrown up in the air and again being caught before she can land on the bed. There is something in this process which brings smile on her face and she really seems to enjoy this activity a lot though it is not safe to do this always so it is just her father who sometimes do that to her. She also laughs a lot when someone makes different face in front of her. She laughs and imitates the faces that she can make too. She also likes to ride horses and elephants but not the real one instead it is her grand dad and great grand dad who have to play the part of the horse or the elephant.

She loves dancing to the bets of the music although she understands nothing yet she shakes her body to the music but only the fast tracks not the slower ones. She can dance all day if she is left in front of the television set and the music channel is tuned in. listening to stories is also one of her favorite thing. She needs a story every time I put her in bed and want her to sleep. She loves the fairies and the angels story the most and enjoy listening to them.

Babies have been created so uniquely by the Lord. Sometimes small silly things like a simple monkey face make them happy and on the other hand just a small scolding can ruin their moods. It all depends on their mood and it is very hard to make out what mood they are in but there is something which always guarantees that the baby does not get a bad mood due to wet pants and this something is known as Pampers.
Babies play and are happy when they have their tummy filled with milk or other nutritional diets and a full tummy means more toilets and that means wet pant which makes babies unhappy and uncomfortable. Pampers have come up with the pampers dry pants which does not only keeps the babies pants dry but it also keeps the baby dry from within.

The baby also gets a good night sleep because it does not wakes every time it pees and thus it gets complete sleep which is also a very important key factor for a happy bay and Pamper ensures that in the best possible way. It is not just about the night Pamper helps you keep your baby dry throughout the day and night insuring happy time to your baby. Babies are precious gifts and need some extra care and you can take the first step to it by using pamper dry pants. I came across this lovely video by pampers please have a look.

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