Tuesday 24 March 2015

i love Kelloggs wale gupta ji ka nasta

Isn't it so tough to stop oneself from knocking the doors of next door aunt whenever she cooks something special be it the Chocolate chips cookies or hot coco brownies. We always fantasies about the dish being prepared at our neighbor's house and look for an excuse or opportunity to visit them for snacks. And not only this we always keep an eye on their recipes whether or not we are interested in cooking them but definitely recipes are one of the best excuses to have a snacks at the neighbor's house.
What if I say that some recipes being mouth watering can be the best possible thing for your health too? That sounds as fascinating and interesting as impossible it seems to be. But it is true. Now a healthy food can be interesting and mouth watering too. Isn't it the best thing you have heard? Indeed it is. There are few recipes which are as good and as mouth watering and are healthy at the same time. And I am not joking am damn serious about it. Let me introduce you to the latest sensation in the market in terms of taste and health The Kellogg's recipes. And if we are talking about Kellogg's no one can have the better of it than Gupta ji. Yeah you heard me right Gupta ji has the best Kellogg's recipes in the town and people keep looking for an excuse to find a way to his house or for being invited for a Kellogg's Nasta any day any time.
It is not only me who seems to be interested in visiting Mr Gupta's house for the Kellogg's Nasta but instead the whole town seems to be wanting to go to his house or waiting to be invited for the Kellogg's Nasta and why should not they be it is seriously tasty and no one I mean no one can resist it and along with the taste it is also healthy eating.

Talking about me I would love and like to visit him especially for the Corn-flake Coconut Laddo. Yes you heard me right in the vast and vivid array of food and recopies here is one simple yet so tasty that you would certainly like to know the recipe and over all it is so healthy for you too. While talking about this laddo I would like to throw some light on the ingredients which are coconut, Kellogg’s corn-flake, ghee, milk and chopped nuts. The preparation is simple too all you need to do is that combine all the above ingredients mash well and give it a shape of spear or lemon and serve it with a cup of coffee or tea or any beverage of your choice.

There are so many recipes and I could not pin out my favorites out of them yet I am including one more and this would be the Walnut Corn-flake choco Balls. And here goes its ingredients half cup dark chocolate, half cup milk chocolate, Grounded and roasted corn-flake, roasted walnut and vanilla essence. Don’t the ingredients sound tasty? Here is what you need to do mix the dark and the milk chocolate in a microwave ball and put it in the microwave at high temperature for a minute and then take it out and mix the rest of the items in it and make balls out of it. Serve when cooled a bit. That is really mouth watering.
So I would like to visit Gupta ji every single day if h invites me to try out more new recipes every day. I came across this lovely Kelloggs advert please have a look and for more such recipes visit https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and get all the recipes you like. For more videos try this link https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia      

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