Sunday 15 March 2015

Sensuous & Appealing Nightwear for Your Special Nights with Him

Planning what to wear during your date night with your partner does not only involve what to wear during the date but also after the date when you're both alone, which we're willing to bet, involves the sexiest actions that you will have for the night. So you should not only be prepared physically, you should also dress appropriately for it. You know, before the taking off the dress part.
Nightwear has long since evolved from your ordinary pajamas, big shirts, sweat shirts and jogging pants. You guy likes a little visual play before getting it on. What better way to give him a show than to show a little skin and make him hot with anticipation to see the underneath of that tiny, sexy lingerie that you are wearing. So here are 5 nightwear you should wear during your special night and that should be included when you go online lingerie shopping –
·         Silk  Nighties


The most basic in the sexy nightwear department are your silk nighties. For one, they are smooth, silky and comfortable. And two, they are simple and adds a demure touch to your overall appearance. It makes you look innocent yet sexy – something that your partner will love and he would love to see how modest you can be when he gets his hands on you.

·         Camisole

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A camisole is the perfect choice for an “I’m not really prepared but I can still be sexy” look. It would give the picture that you were in a hurry and did not have ample time to choose any extremely sexy nightwear but you still look hot anyway. Plus, camisoles are tight fitting wears that can shape up your body and show your curves – curves that he would be very willing to fill. Paired with a thong or boyshorts, your partner can go head over heels even with this simplicity. 

·         Chemise


·          Chemise lingerie is a level up from your camisole. With its sheer and elegant design and the almost see-through fabric, it can leave little to his imagination and more to his anticipation. Chemise lingerie usually comes with a pair of matching panties as it should be worn. This can turn your sexy a whole level higher.

·         Hosiery. Hosiery, when worn on a special night with him, can be a complete opposite from its original cause – which should be a shape wear and an added touch to your executive attire. Hosiery is the epitome of elegance and sexy all rolled into one. You can pair it with any of your chosen night wear or you can wear it along, with everything else bare. Your partner will love it so much, he will make love to you and make love to your legs separately.

·         Baby Doll

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Baby doll lingerie takes out the baby in you leaving only the doll. And what a doll you can be when you wear this to your special night with him. Seeing you in this type of lingerie is eye foreplay and he will barely resist making love to you there and then. Baby doll lingerie is just downright sexy he won’t make you take it off all night.

Nightwear lingerie is really comfortable and sexy that it would make you a lot more confident about yourself and make you bolder during your sexy time with him. Turn your special nights a lot more special with these 5 nightwear lingerie. Add a touch of demure yet bold and sexy look to your appearance and give him a show that he will never forget and always ask for.

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