Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Perfect Wedding Gown For D-Day

Every bride wishes to have the “perfect” wedding gown to make her wedding special. However it is sensible to follow some simple tips to avoid over spending and getting “exactly” what you always dreamed for.  

Determine The Dress Code
You should keep the religious restrictions in mind while shopping for wedding gown. In case the ceremony has been organized at place of worship, enquire if some attire guidelines like covering of shoulders are to be followed.
Set a Price
In case you are certain that you would not be spending huge amounts on your dress, it will be better to concentrate on realistic cost point so that more time can be devoted towards items that can actually be bought. Factors such as cost of alterations, shipping, taxes, veil, lingerie, shoes and jewelry which could add substantially and would also have to be kept in mind.
Be clear about what you want
You should be able to narrow down the dress style by taking cues from the season, venue and time of marriage. Fabrics and the silhouettes which are not suitable for the occasion should be ruled out. Opt for a style that would enhance your shape and get the best discounts from SaveMyPocket. You can also download some wedding looks    for browsing large number of gowns and search for online retailers selling these.
Start Early
You will require six to eight months to get your favorite gown. If adequate time is not catered for, selection of dresses could get restricted and you might take hasty decision. You should cater for eight weeks for alteration of gown. Custom gowns take six to eight months to tailor and one heavily-embellished may take more time.
Take Recommendations
If salesperson brings something for you to try, try it and nothing should be eliminated at a glance. It is possible that you may like something which you had not liked earlier.  Every dress does not look very attractive on the hanger and you need to have open mind.
Book Boutique in Advance
If you contact the boutique earlier and ask for a particular style, it might be in a position to arrange a sample of this gown for you. Prior appointment will ensure that you get undivided attention. However you can get a higher range on gowns online compared to retail outlets and at a much lower price too.
Shop at Right Time
It is advisable to go for shopping on working day during day as consultants would be fresh at that time and would be able to give you personalized service. If you are shopping sample sale, skip it on first day. Avoid taking too many people with you for shopping as this will provide clashing opinions.
Read Fine Print
While ordering gown from boutique, read written contract carefully so that you do not end up with wrong color, size, designer style number, delivery date, measurements, number of fitting and cost of gown etc. You may also order online using Fashionara discount coupons as they can be returned if you do not like the final piece or if it does not fit well.

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