Monday 2 March 2015

Top Coffee shops to Hang Out in Kolkata

“A lot can happen over a cup of coffee.”

We humans are categorized into Social Animals and this is only because we love socializing. We love sharing our thought, wisdom and feelings with each other. And to socialize well we keep looking for an establishment where we can be safe, well attended and free of other worries, Although there are several such establishments but we prefer Coffee Shop, a Café Restaurant and Coffee Joints the most.  Today I welcome you guys onboard and together we will take a ride to the finest Coffee shops, café Restaurants and Coffee Joints of Kolkata.

Kolkata the city of you is well known for its hospitality. Be it a coffee shop or a popular five star hotel one can always witness the warmth of their hospitality. First we are going to have a look at the best and popular coffee shops in Kolkata and I would like to start with CCD. CCD is a name we all are aware of. Café Coffee Day has been specializing in serving different types of coffees since ages. The next in my list is Barista Lavazza which is again a popular coffee shop chain. Mocha Coffee & Conversation, Brewbwrrys The Coffee Bar, Tahkurpukur Coffee Shop, Wise Owl Coffee Shop, Rouge and Cafela are few other Coffee Shops of Kolkata.

Now we are going to shift our gaze towards few of Café restaurants of Kolkata. Café restaurants are the establishments which serves light food items along with coffee. The Atrium Café, The Street Café, The Next Level, Bon Appetit The Café, Le Coffee Crème, Delux Café, 23 Karaoke Lounge and Nosh are the well known café restaurants which are eager to serve you also there are a lots of other café restaurants spread around the town which offers world class coffee and good snacks.

The last but not the least establishment on the list is Coffee Joint. Coffee Joint is an establishment which serves coffee, beverages and foods too. These places may have live music or some kind of exhibitions put up for the customers and may be related to some of the historic monuments or stories. Kolkata is famous for few of its old coffee joints namely Coffee House, Calcutta Coffee House, Mytth Coffee Bar, The Tea Junction and Yoforia. Every single coffee joint in kolkata  have their own uniqueness and can leave a memorable taste on your buds.

Coffee Shop, Café or a coffee joint it really doesn’t matters, all that matter is the service and the coffee that they brew for you. The places mentioned above are the best places to hangout with your friends, family and the special ones. It is not just the caffeine which makes a coffee what it is but it is the love you share with the person you are sharing the coffee with. So if you are in Kolkata or planning to have a trip don’t forget to drop by any of these places to indulge yourself in to the aroma of the freshly brewed Coffee.


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