Thursday 5 March 2015

The Best Moment Of My Life

Life brings you some very special moments. These are the moments that you do not want them to pass away. You want to cling up to them with your both hands and just dwell in the intensity of the moment. A rare found piece of time so touching and dear that one wants to live the whole life in that particular moment. This moment can be of anything like love, happiness, togetherness, achievement and etc. And we all witness such a moment in our life which fills us with optimism, hope and positive energy for the forth coming future. And this moment sometimes becomes the first stone of your rock hard foundation. It acts as the first line of your autobiography which has to been written as of yet. The person who recognizes this moment and understand the procedures that follow are successful and live their dream at the end.

I have witnessed such a moment in my life too. That was the moment which decided my fate six years ago and has led me to the wonderful life I am living today. Like I told that it was 2009 almost six years ago from today and it was my birthday and to be very precise it was 1st of April, 2009 at the Girish Park, Kolkata. I had a small surprise party treat arranged by my best friend in a cafĂ©. I was supposed to reach to the metro station by 4:30 pm so that I could meet my friend and her boyfriend and her boyfriends’ friend, which was a complete surprise package for me too. I just expected my friend Moran to be there at the station but it turned out that she was not alone and was accompanied by two guys. Her boyfriend was Sanchit Datta and the other guy was Rakesh Ranjan. It seemed a bit odd to me at first but later the sense of humor of these guys made my evening. They had good etiquettes, were polite and full of fun. I was having a gala time with them and it seemed that my birthday was going to end up on a high node.
We had our starter which was followed by soup and main course and ended up with the dessert. There was something which I noticed since the beginning of the treat that Rakesh had something going on his mind and was hesitating to bring it up to us. Well I was not too eager to know that anyways but it was very clear from his eyes. We all had a very good evening and with our desserts running out it were almost time to leave. Finally the cheque arrived and we, me and my friend Moran pushed it to Rakesh and to my surprise he got up took his wallet out and paid the whole amount alone with a smile on his face. And when we were all set to leave Rakesh came up to me and said, “It was nice meeting you mam, if you don’t mind can I have your number please?” And I was taken away by his politeness. I took out my mobile and handed it to him, and he just dialed his number and got my number on his cell and said bye and left.
That night I got a call from a number it was a local number and I picked up hesitating. The voice from the other side was familiar, it was Rakesh. I was not so sure what to talk and neither was he. After five minutes of this and that he came to the point and said that he called me because he wanted to listen to my sweet voice. My mind said “Locha hai boss, wrong number hai”. Men I wasn’t aware that this was the only right number of my life. We talked for hours that day and before hanging up he said that he was a lucky guy to meet me and he likes me.
The next day I asked him to meet me at the nearest CCD, I had a day off from my college and he had to bunk his to meet me. I was fully prepared to say him that we were starting our relation on a wrong foot and this relation had no future because my parents were never going to accept it. He came and was on time I was impressed and happy to see him. Before I could have said anything he took out a dairymilk and said. “Prerana I know we are so different, we come from a different background, different cast and different society yet I have fallen for you and I love you and I know that you are the girl I was waiting for”. I had no words all I wanted to say him was already said by him and yet I had no power to refuse him. Well I didn’t say him yes buy I told him that we will be a good friends for sure.
We spent almost a year together and I had to say him yes at last even though knowing that this wasn’t going to happen. It was a yes since the very first moment I met him but was afraid to lose him before even getting him. But our Love made us so invulnerable that we won the biggest war of our life. The intensity of that moment when he decided that I was the one and when I decided to grow old with him gave us the strength to fight for our love and win it.
Today we are both happily married and have beautiful daughter too. It still feels like it was yesterday he was sitting opposite to me on the table and wanted to say something to me and I did understand it from that moment that what that something was. And that moment gave us a positive frame for the future and today we are living it happily.
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