Sunday 1 March 2015

Mother's Lesson For My Life

“Ye toh sach hai ki Bhagwan hai, hai magr phir bhi anjan hai, Dhrti per up maa baap ka, Ush Bidhata ki pehchan hai.”

We Indians have a very strong cultural impact on our kids, Life teaches us that our parents are our first God and Goddess and we solemnly agree to that point and follow it till our last breath. That is what we know and that is what has been taught to us. But did we ever witness or try to find out that how correct is this statement? Well I have. And to my surprise the person which we finally mould into is a structure that has been given by our parents. The values and ethics of our life are what they have taught us. Although the final decision to whether or not to follow them is completely in our hands. It is our parents who work harder and harder to give us a good life and to secure our future well.

But there comes a time when our parents teach us to be self reliable so that when we are in need we can take a perfect stand in our life without waiting for someone to help us. They just let us go and not because they do not care but because they want us to be self-reliant although they have an eye on us and are ready to lend a hand when needed. This is something that I have witnessed in my own life. And I understood it later that it was not that they did not cared about me but they wanted me to be self dependable.

In my life this role was played by my mom. My story goes back to the time when I was a student and was studying in sixth standard. I was a good student always had good grades in my class but there was a small problem. And the problem was that my mumma had to poke me every day to remind me that I should be studying instead of playing or just wasting my time. I was so used to it that I always waited for her instruction to get down at my study table. I was in a habit of that although mumma used to scold me every day for this. She always used to ask me that when I knew that the study hours have begun then why I wait for her instructions to start my studies. And frankly speaking I had no idea why I always waited for her to ask me to study. I literally had no idea that this habit of mine has become a headache for her and she was ready to let me go.

It was during my midterm class tests, these were the tests which were conducted by the school to check the progress of the students before the midterm examinations. Students who did not score well in these tests were marked by the teachers and were given special attention in the class. So here is what my mumma did to teach me to be self-reliant.

I informed my mumma that the tests were going to begin fromMonday and I had Sanskrit and Hindi testes on Monday. I informed her because I wanted her to keep poking me and asking me to study Sanskrit and Hindi because these were two most lengthy papers in my syllabus. But to my surprise mumma did not ask me to study for the whole day. I thought that It was Saturday and I had Sunday so mumma will ask me to study the next day. The next day began and still no sign or gesture from mom to start studying. And by the evening I was so restless. I wanted to study but mumma did not ask me to. I was so terrified and was going to be in lot of trouble because I did not even touch my textbooks. It was 7 pm when I realized that now I should start studying whether or not my mumma asks me to do so. I sat with my books till 1 in the morning and tried to gasp the important topics so that I do not submit a blank copy tomorrow.

I did not do so well in my tests but yes I learned a lesson a very big lesson in my life and that lesson was of being self dependable. I did not need my mumma’s scolding or yelling from that day. I was an attentive student now who knew when to study and when to play. I did great in my midterm exams and made my parents proud again. Mumma promised me to buy a new bicycle if I kept my grades in the final term and to her expectations I did and got a new red lady bird cycle as a gift.

That day if my mother had not let me go and would have kept running behind me for my studies I would not have become self-reliant. So directly or indirectly I was my mumma who was the reason and is the reason behind my every success. Our parents try to shape a good future for us and try to mould us into a good person and they do not leave any stone unturned for that. She taught me that “Hume humesa upne balbute per sir utha ker jina cahiye ” and HDFC Life helps a lot of parents to help their child to live a self dependable life.
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  1. Prerana... I loved reading this, I often think we coddle our children too much and that they rarely think for themselves... this is a lesson we all need to teach our children ... we are not always going to be there to tell them what to do...

  2. Hello from Spain: lovely tribute to your mother. Our mothers are the best people. They educate us and make us grow as individuals so that we can choose in our lives the way we want. Keep in touch


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