Tuesday 10 March 2015

A Bold Step leads Into Success

“In the end we only regret the chances we did not take”
Life is very uncertain, we never know what it has for us next and we do not always have full control over it. But we have been always taught that we should always keep trying hard and someday or the other we succeed all we know that fortune favors the brave and we need to be brave and bold in what we do. We have everything planned in our life and many a times it gets executed well but sometimes out of nowhere things starts getting against our favor and we completely miss the track of things that we have planned and then we are compelled to take some bold step in our life to put things at the right place and to bring back our life back on track.
While I was perusing my graduation and was undergoing my honors in Economics I came across such a situation in life. I had to walk that extra mile to fulfill my dream. Had not I been so bold in my decision my dreams would have shattered like glass but I did not give up or to be very frank my parents and friends supported me like hell and they did not allow me give up and finally I archived what I wanted.
Here I am sharing my story of a bold step which changed my life. The story starts in the early weeks of my second semester examinations. The examinations were near and it was almost time but suddenly I fell ill and my bad days started since then. I was just 10 days away from my exams and I was diagnosed for a positive typhoid fever. The fever took a pledge not to leave me and it did not allow me to sit and study. I lost my concentration power and the thought of exams just being around the corner made my condition worse. I tried to rest but could not, I tried to study but that was not possible either. In short my life was a total mess. I did not want to skip the exams because skipping the exams meant waiting for another year or so to sit for the same exam but I was helpless and hapless at the same time. By the end of the first day thoughts started floating my mind that I will have to repeat the same ear again and I was going to lose my friend and the respect that I had in the eyes of my faculty members.

The very next morning I called up my dad and I told him everything that I was going through. He had already received a word from my college doctor that I was ill and was suffering from typhoid but he was not aware of my situation, the situation which was worse than my fever and typhoid. He dropped by my PG accommodation and asked me what as I planning to do and I had no answers to his question. He got up and I thought that he had no clue to help me and was leaving to see the doctor but instead he took his phone out went out of the room made a call and came back in. I looked at him and he looked me back and then spoke, “Beta if I ask you to repeat the semester would you”? I had no answer to his question and a tear or two rolled down my cheek. It was precisely 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door and I saw my pg care taker accompanying a man to my room. He was in his mid 50’s and it seemed that he was a doctor.

The doctor came next to me and examined me and my test reports and then told me that it was certain that I was suffering from typhoid and it takes time to heal but if I had the extra positiveness in me I could study and face my examinations too. I was so eager to know how, I saw a ray of hope after a long time and I said him that I was ready to do anything but to miss my examinations. He wrote some medicines and advised me to take rest for at least 3 hours continuously and then I was allowed to study for two hours with breathers of 5 minutes every half an hour. Now that ray has turned in to a complete sunshine. I followed his routine and tried to memorize as much as I can without taking any extra stress and I aimed to hit the level of 50% in the examination.

The examination day arrived I took my medicine and sat for my papers and to my surprise my papers went well. I continue in the same state for the rest of my papers and finally finished them all with a smile of satisfaction on my face. By the time my results were out I was completely fit and fine. I did not top my class this time but I did not do badly either I was in the third place in my batch or I was proud with what I had.

On my vacation I went to the doctor who treated me just to thank him and tell him that I finally passed my papers. I met him and thanked him and instead of responding to my thanks he smiled at me. I was so puzzled and did not know what to say. He finally broke the ice and said that he did not give me anything special he gave me the same medicine that he prescribes other patients but it was due to my bold step that I wanted to sit for my papers I succeeded. I was confused and before I could have ask him anything he said that when he saw me on the bed he understood that my fever was not the main problem but the thoughts of not appearing in the exams was the main problem and he just gave a small boast by a making a routine for me and the rest was done by my bold step and determination to sit and qualify for my papers.

We sometimes need to take a bold step in our life without fearing of the result and you never know where that step would lead you to, in my case it helped me and saved me from repeating my whole semester. I came across this beautiful motivating and worth watching  Housing.com Video Ad by Housing a brand dealing with the real estate which helps people around the world to take a bold step to their golden future to know more visit https://housing.com/ .  

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