Monday 16 March 2015

Lakme School Of Style

A lot of human child are born around the world everyday but not all of them are special. We Indians have been blessed with a lot of talents which we are aware of. And among these talented people lies a very very talented name which we all are aware of. I am talking about none other than Mr. Karan Johar. We all are aware of this name and his works too.
Today I am not here to talk about him instead I am here to talk about the India’s very first video magazine. Yes guys you are guessing it right Karan has done it again and in his own style. Mr. Johar being the chief editor of the “Lakme School of Style” the video magazine has launched several videos on “you tube”. And here I am with an opportunity to present before you my take of few of his videos.

There are around 55 videos on the list of the Lakme School of Style and I have chosen two videos among them to talk about. The first among them is the “5 Top Grooming tips for Men” by Riaan George and the second is the “Vote for the Most Stylish Cricketer in India” a survey conducted by Manshi Wadhwa on the Indian streets to vote for the most stylish cricketer in India.

“5 Top Grooming Tips for Men”

Grooming is a word we usually come around these days and in simple language it means being presentable at your best although grooming includes a hell lot of points and believe me all of us are aware of them but Riaan has pointed out few of the most important among them and they are five to be very precise. We all want our guy to look smart and presentable when we meet them and nothing turns out to be as good as a polite and a well groomed gentleman for a date. Riaan says that we usually follow few of the grooming skills like great conversational skills, wit, charm and good manners but these are just not enough and we can’t be ready for a date with just these skills. Instead the Love Guru has pointed out that
·       Wear great Cologne: - We usually get confused between a deospray, a perfume and cologne. Cologne is something that we spray on the upper surface of the shirt, jacket of the neck skin and it has a very good lasting capacity. So one should always choose good and light cologne when they are getting ready for a date and it should not be sprayed too much that the person next to you faints due to the strong essence of your cologne.
·       Wear nice watch: - one should never compromise when it comes to watches. Cheap or non branded denim can be made to appear look good but in case of the wrist watch one should be choosey.  
·       Hair grooming: - One should always be well groomed in terms of facial hairs. No popping hairs should be seen from the edge of the ear, nose or the back of the neck, the beard should be shaved or nicely trimmed and should be done properly.
·       Manicured hand: - The fingers and the nails of your hand should be well manicured because these parts of the body are always visible and are in the eyes of the partner. A light moisturizer goes well so that it gives a soft feeling to your partner when she catches your hands.
·       Buttoned down shirt: - It is the best and elegant thing to accompany your personality on a date and to give you a rich look. Never go with an untidy shirt or a t-shirt on because it doesn’t give a classy look at all.
So these were the points well explained by Riaan and I completely agree with him. We like to be with a gentlemen when it comes to a date also I would like to add that the guy should posses a good sense of humor and the capability to take good care of you when you are out with him on a date.  

“Vote for the Most Stylish Cricketer in India”
With the Cricket world cup on this topic seemed to possess a fire in itself. We all are aware of the tournament which is going on in Australia and New Zealand and also we know that the defending champions have not left any stone unturned to do well in the tournament so far. They have succeeded in winning the millions of heart once again. So Manshi was out on the streets conducting a survey that which Indian Cricketer is the best fashion icon. And the results were not unpredictable. With lots of good strokes and kisses blown to the audience Virat Kohli tops the list off the cricket grounds too. Well on a personal note I think M.S.Dhoni, Rohit, Raina and Dhawan are also on the list but if we are talking about the majority it is none other than Virat Kohli who got the most of the votes.

It was a good experience viewing and going through the Lakme School of Fashion videos. All I have to say is that Karan keep the good work on and keep making us proud.

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