Sunday 22 March 2015

Happiness comes from the simple things in life !

Why did not the scientists discover a happiness making machine or a machine which can count the level of happiness? Have you ever thought about it? Well it is very simple and crisp that they can't and if you ask me the reason behind it I would simply say that happiness is something which can neither be created and nor be destroyed but it is simply gained.

Happiness doesn't comes from money or power. It is not something that you can go and buy in the market or you can snatch from anyone. It just lies in simple things that we do. Feeding that stray dog that wages its tail when you step in or out gives you happiness. Taking care or a poor child who is homeless gives you happiness. Helping that old neighbor who needs help with his grocery gives you happiness. It is very simple and these simple things can make you happy well it does makes me happy. 

Talking about me personally I find happiness in simple things. I used to be worried and tensed in my life. I always tried to chase happiness but unfortunately never succeed because I was running after the wrong horse all these times. And I understood this later when my hubby gave me a lecture about it and finally I realized that I always had it with me an I kept looking for it everywhere.

I later got the point that happiness lies in simplicity. A bye kiss while he leaves for the work makes me happy and makes my day too and a rose in the evening worth's a lot of happiness. That little smile on my daughters face when I call her name with love gives me happiness. To see her grow inches by inches every day gives m happiness. Her innocent looks and mischievous eyes gives me happiness. A call from my mom just to say hi gives me an abundant supply of happiness. A small pat on the shoulder for a great effort gives me happiness. A reward for my hard work makes me happy. A meal cooked with love and ate with affection and praises makes me happy. Sharing my stuffs with my loved ones gives me happiness.

Is not it strange and a bit stupid that small and funny things that we go through everyday in our lives can give us a lots of happiness? It indeed is. It doesn't always needs a costly gift or a great effort to impart happiness to someone. All it takes is a small and simple act and that act becomes the reason for someone's happiness. These small and simple things makes me happy and this is all it takes to be happy. Happiness is not so costly after all it is just that you should know the right ingredients that cooks happiness and in my views small, simple and stupid things are the main ingredients for happiness.

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